Faltu Upcoming Story: Faltu to get a big proof against Vishal!


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Star Pluss’ show Faltu is showing a lot of twists and turns. The show has always been popular with the viewers for it’s unique concept, now with Ayaan knowing the truth of him marrying Faltu, viewers are excited for the upcoming.

Lately, it was shown how Faltu had to return to Mumbai. She helps Tanisha to make Ayaan hate her. Ayaan gets suspicious about Faltu’s changed attitude. With sid trying to show proof to Ayaan indirectly, Ayaan gets curious to know who married Faltu that night in the temple.

In today’s episode, at night, Faltu cries sitting near the field so Vishal comes to talk to her. Vishal helps Faltu to get relieved from her pain. Next day, Kanika makes the news viral. The girls taunt Faltu and show the video.

Faltu tries to justify herself infront of the board members but no one believes her. Vishal also comes and makes a statement that Faltu was making move on her. Kanika advises Tanisha to go on the honeymoon and keep Ayaan’s phone away from her.

Kanika restricates Faltu from the academy. Sid and Sumitra see this news and think to do something to help Faltu and their plan. Ayaan sees the news and is shocked. Ayaan tries to behave normal only.

Later, Sid calls Ayaan and gets to know that he sent him a proof. Ayaan is shocked to see Faltu confessing that Ayaan put sindoor on her. Ayaan gets shocked and rushes to academy without informing Tanisha.

Tanisha worries. Faltu is questioned by media why she used ill means to get into the team so Faltu gets determined to prove her innocence. By the time Ayaan reaches the academy, Faltu leaves with her dad. Ayaan blames Vishal when Kanika stops him and blames him to leave Tanisha.

Janardhan is angry at home and waits for Ayaan. Sid brings Tanisha home and tries to give her a shoulder to cry on. Ayaan tries to call Charan to talk to Faltu. Faltu switches off Charan’s phone and decides to prove her innocence instead of going to village.

Ayaan comes home and takes Janardhan aside to tell him something. Sid worries. Janardhan will see the video and ask Ayaan to not reveal this as then Kanika will cancel the partnership and they will be in loss. Ayaan is confused.

Faltu finds out that Vishal and Ayaan were together in a cricket team. Janardhan shares with family how Ayaan needs a counsellor as he is under guilt. Kanika makes a fuss out of it but for Tanisha’s sake she agrees to give Ayaan time.

Later, Faltu feels disheartened when her friends show a video of Vishal talking to someone who is giving him money to trap Faltu and also notifies how the other person is associated with Mittal family. Ayaan is unable to stop thinking about Faltu so he decides to visit the chawl.

In upcoming episodes, Faltu will think to go to Mittal house to find who is helping Vishal. It will be interesting to watch how Tanisha reacts to Faltu’s entry in the house?

Will this new challenge bring Faltu and Ayaan close?

Will Faltu be able to arrange money for her father and save their reputation?

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