Faltu Upcoming Story: Mittal family to blame Faltu and Ayaan for the big blunder!

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Star Pluss’ show Faltu is showing a lot of twists and turns. With Faltu getting a confession out of Vishal, she is now in for a big shock when Vishal is all set to make Faltu believe that Ayaan was the master mind behind this plan.

Now a huge challenge is waiting for Faltu as Sid has come to know about Faltu’s dual life, of Rocky and Faltu. Viewers are curious to watch if Faltu will believe in the fake evidence or have faith in her feelings for Ayaan!

In today’s episode, Ayaan gets to know from his PI agent that a match is scheduled where Faltu might come to play. Ayaan decides to go to that match. Ayaan comes in disguise and watches her match. Faltu is challenged badly by a Nigerian player so she gets hurt on her legs.

Ayaan tries to guide her from the crowd. Sid is also in the match location and tries to see if Ayaan has come there too. Faltu follows Ayaan’s lead and wins the match. Faltu feels thankful to the person who helped her as she is unable to identify him as Ayaan.

After the match, Ayaan comes to Faltu’s friends to make him meet Faltu. They agree. Ayaan meets Faltu as Yogi and shows his page to Faltu. Faltu agrees to give him an interview. Later, Faltu sees the time and panicks. Sid follows Faltu and his friends.

Faltu goes inside a female washroom and then Rocky comes out of it with the same cricket bag. Sid becomes confused but then it strikes to him how Faltu and Rocky have been same and Ayaan must have known this. Sid decides to take help from Sumitra and do this big revealation soon.

Next day, Sid reveals Faltu’s true face and accuses Ayaan for bringing Faltu as Rocky. Sid will out allegations on Ayaan that he went to meet Rocky so much because of this reason. Tanisha worries and everyone gets shocked. Upon asking from Faltu, she reveals how she came here to find the culprit behind the academy incident and she has proof now. Tanisha and Kanika worry about what proof Faltu has.

Faltu decides to reveal about it only to Ayaan alone. Tanisha and Janardhan try to stop Ayaan but Ayaan decides to go. Faltu reveals to Ayaan how due to his own ego he ruined her career and she has proof.

Ayaan gets shocked. Ayaan says I always supported you and still am, I was angry at you but my anger went when I got to know I put sindoor on you. This shocks Faltu that Ayaan knows the truth.

In upcoming episodes, Ayaan will accept his mistake infront of all. Ayaan will apologies to Tanisha for not being able to reciprocate to her love. Ayaan will decide to part ways with Tanisha as she can never do justice to her feelings. Ayaan will confess his love for Faltu shocking everyone.

It will be interesting to watch, how Tanisha will react to Faltu’s presence in Mumbai?

Will this new challenge bring Faltu and Ayaan close? Will Faltu doubt on Ayaan?

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