Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th August 2022 Written Update: Agastya’s lookalike spikes Pakhi’s drink


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with apologizing to the landlord for squatting her house. She says that her man will keep an eye on her and she will visit the house often so she prevents her to go out of the house till that. Other hand Pakhi picks up an white paper thinking it could be an anonymous letter, but it turns out to be simple blank paper. Pakhi wonders why the sender of anonymous letter asked her to meet if he doesn’t want to meet. She wonders what information he has. Just then she hears Tara and mon shouting getting scared of cockroach. Pakhi assures Mona to tell Agastya to get pest control. Tara says that he isn’t at home. She asks where he’s. Tara says that she doesn’t know.

Agastya says to Agastya’s lookalike and Meera that Pakhi’s love for him is saving Pakhi from Agastya’s lookalike. The latter challenges Agastya to get intimate with Pakhi before the day ends. Meera says that Pakhi will their control once she will get pregnant. The pest control people arrive at the Raichan’s house. Pakhi finds. The man gives Pakhi a earring saying that he got while pest controlling. Pakhi recognizes that it was Dadi’s earring and when she wanted to meet her alone. Pakhi concludes that Dadi had come to this room and waited her for her. Meanwhile Agastya seeks Mona and Naveli’s help for his wedding night with Pakhi. Here Pakhi decides to tell Agastya about Dadi’s earring.

Pakhi tries to talk to Agastya’s lookalike about Dadi’s earring. Just thrn Mona comes there saying to Pakhi that she’s going to meet parents. Tara wants to also accompany them. Agastya refuses giving the excuse of office work whereas Pakhi refuses saying that she has to talk to Agastya about something important. Tara says that she’s aware why they want to send her to her grandfather’s house, so they could spend time. Agastya-lookalike hugs her from behind and says that he has a surprise for her.

Later Agastya lookalike tries to get closer to Pakhi. The latter tries to tell about the earring she got, but she can’t tell him. They dance. Agastya’s lookalike spikes her drink glass. Pakhi refuses to have ot, but ends with same criminal. Agastya is watching his last lookalike carrying Pakhi in his arms. He takes her to their bedroom and places an unconscious Pakhi. He shouts stop it. Meera laughe. Agastya requests Yug to stop this. Agastya warns Meera to spare Pakhi else not even God can save her and his lookalike from his anger. Meera laughs like maniac and says that Agastya can’t get out alive. Yug asks Meera to do what she wants, but he can’t see all this. Agastya says to Yug that Pakhi is his sister-in-lae and she is being wronged. He requests him to stop. Agastya cries feeling helpless seeing his lookalike starts to get closer to an unconscious Pakhi. He prays to God to save Pakhi from his lookalike at any means. Suddenly wind starts blowing and due to which the puja ingredients fall down. Dadi’s photo frame falls down and breaks. The puja things catch fire. The fire alarm rings. Agastya’s lookalike goes to check taking the fire extinguisher. Meanwhile Naveli gets notification about the fire alarm in the house. She tries to call Agastya and Pakhi. They don’t receive the call.

Agastya’s lookalike is cleaning everything. He sees Dadi’s broken photo and says that he will make Pakhi his at any cost and no one can stop her. Just then Family arrives there. Agastya’s lookalike asks how they got to know about fire to which Naveli says that she got notification in the app he downloaded in her phone. Agastya thinks that all are smart in this family. Tara asks about Pakhi. Agastya says that she’s sleeping. Sameer asks how she can sleep in such an emergency situations, she will be more alerted on such situation. Tara goes to see Pakhi. Agastya’s lookalike look on tensed.

The episode ends.

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