Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th June 2022 Written Update: Pakhi is pregnant


Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pakhi getting emotional on seeing Agastya sleeping and caressing his face. Ishan sees this. He takes Pakhi apart saying that he wants to talk to her about something important her. Ishan says to Pakhi that Agastya isn’t acting again. He says that he did the same with him. He offered him job first then framed him in a case and insulted him. He says that Sameer’s doubt on Agastya could be true.

Agastya might have attacked Shanaya as a part of his big plan. Pakhi says that Agastya considers Shanaya as his sister, so he can’t harm her. Ishan asks how Agastya reached there when Shanaya was attacked. Pakhi repeats that Agastya can’t harm Shanaya. Ishan reminds Pakhi that Agastya attacked Sameer and pretended to save him in the past. Pakhi recalls that incident and looks confused.

The morning Pakhi says to Shanaya that doctor said that they can discharge her. She asks her to smile. Just then Agastya arrivee there with balloons and gifts to surprise Shanaya. The latter thanks Agastya for saving her from the goons. Pakhi asks Agastya what he was doing near Shanaya’s college. Agastya says that it was a coincidence. He says that he remembered about meeting a client so he took the short route which is near Shanaya’s college.

Agastya says that even meeting Pakhi in his childhood was a coincidence. He tells about his first meeting with Pakhi in the hospital and she saved him, so Shanaya should thank her. Pakhi thinks that Agastya can’t do any wrong deeds again. Agastya and Dadi get ready to leave. Dadi asks Pakhi if she’s not coming along with them. Pakhi hesitates. Agastya says to Pakhi that she has whole her life to decide and he will be waiting for her all his life. Pakhi cries. Agastya and dadi leave.

Agastya says to Dadi that he knows that she is upset that Pakhi didn’t return home. He says that Pakhi can take as much time she wants. He says that he realized that love isn’t obtaining. He assures Dadi that Pakhi will return.

Agastya phones the detective, Anand and asks if he found the person responsible for Shanaya’s attack. He says that he is sure that the same person is behind him and Pakhi. He says to check the CCTV footage as he is sure that he must be keeping an eye on them. Anand says that he can’t find that person, but he got the footage of goons and they can find them with that.

Doctor says to Pakhi that they got her blood report and she is pregnant. He leaves after congratulating Pakhi. The latter gets elated. The ward boy brings gifts and says that Agastya sent them for Shanaya. Pakhi asks to keep them in the room. Pakhi regrets misunderstanding Agastya. She says that Agastya has really changed. She belives that Agastya will be the best father in the world. She considers her pregnancy as God’s sign that she shouldn’t get separated from Agastya.

Pakhi makes a video call to Agastya to give the good news, but Agastya doesn’t let her speak and talks about something else. Pakhi gets annoyed. Agastya asks when Pakhi will return. Pakhi says that she will return after 9 hours and after that their life will change. Agastya gets happy. He says I love you and hangs the call. Pakhi enquires a ward boy about a gift shop nearby and leaves. Ishan sees this. He calls someone and asks if everything is ready.

Sameer and Mohit are with Shanaya. Sameer sends Mohit to get some medicine. Ishan comes and says to Sameer to come with him to complete some formalities. Sameer hesitates to leave Shanaya alone. Ishan says that he will send a nurse. Shanaya says to Sameer to go. Sameer leaves with Ishan.

Agastya gets excited to meet Pakhi and wonders what Pakhi wanted to tell him. Pakhi prays to God. She is excited to know Agastya’s reaction after knowing her pregnancy. There Agastya decorates the room to welcome back Pakhi. Here Pakhi dances out of joy. Pakhi bumps into a man.

There Agastya receives Anand’s phone. Pakhi comes to Shanaya and finds her scared and trying to get up. Shanaya says that Pakhi just bumped into the one of the goons who attacked her. He saw her and left. Pakhi looks on shocked.

The episode ends.

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