Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story: Agastya to rush to save Pakhi


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Colors’ popular show Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan is gearing up for more drama with Tara escaping from Ishan to contact Agastya.
Previously it was seen that Agastya checked the CCTV footage and spotted Pakhi and Tara going in a car and Ishan following them in his bike.

Agastya got the loaction’s address of Ishan’s last activity and will go there, but he will not find Pakhi and Tara there. He will realize that it was a mislead. He decided to look for Pakhi and Tara in the surrounding areas. Other hand Pakhi regretted misunderstanding Agastya.

Ishan got things necessary for a wedding and announced to Pakhi that they were getting married the next day. Pakhi spotted an air vent and convinced Tara to escape through it and bring Agastya to save her. On knowing their plan Ishan tried to stop Tara.

Pakhi prevented him and fought with him. Ishan pushed Pakhi. The latter got hurt in her head and fainted. Ishan tied up Pakhi to the chair and went to find Tara.

In the upcoming week it will be shown that Tara will manage to escape from Ishan. She will get a phone from a passerby and will Agastya, but his phone will be busy. Tara will reject when the passerby will offer her to drop off at the police station.

Tara will try to find the police station on her own. Ishan will spot Tara and will try to kidnap her again. But he will hide on seeing Agastya. Tara will tell Agastya the description of the building where Ishan kept her and will ask to save Pakhi.

Ishan will hear this and will try to take Pakhi from there before Agastya’s arrival. Pakhi will trick Ishan. She will injure him and will attempt to escape. Ishan will chase her. Agastya will get worried on spotting Ishan’s car with blood marks.

What will happen next?

Will Agastya be able to save Pakhi from Ishan?

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