Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Virat to hallucinate about Samrat!

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Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story. Previously, Pakhi tried to get close to Sai and planned to create rift in between her and Virat. Meanwhile, Ninad and Ashwini couldn’t able to trust Pakhi and suspected her intentions.

In the current track, Pakhi gets successful in convincing Bhavani for Samrat’s birthday celebration and gets appreciation from the Chavans. Whereas, Ninad and Ashwini gets worried about Sai and Virat’s relationship and tries to bring them close. Meanwhile, Sai brings a surprise for the family.

Here, Virat and others gets emotional seeing Samrat’s cutout as the suprise from Sai. They all gets impressed with her idea and blesses her. Whereas, Pakhi tries to get their sympathy by showing her emotional side.

Virat hallucinates Samrat and shares his feelings with him. He tells how he is suffering after his death and states that he can’t able to bear it. He also shares the loss of his child, while Samrat gives strength to Virat and ask him to look after Sai.

Ahead, Virat gets elated imagining Samrat celebrating his birthday with the family. He becomes teary eyes and then decides to have a conversation with Sai, but Pakhi comes in between them and doesn’t let them talk privately.

Virat ask Sai to sleep with him and clearifies all their misunderstandings. He shares his pain with her and tells that he couldn’t able to cope up with the loss of their child. She also shares her agony and tells that it is so hard for her to move on.

Later, Virat apologises to Sai and they sleeps together. Whereas, Pakhi gets frustrated with their closeness and tries to trap Virat with her emotional drama. She also donates her sarees to Sai stating that she couldn’t able to use it after Samrat’s demise. She shares her pain with Virat, while he feels bad for her.

Now in the upcoming episode, Pakhi will drop the box in which Virat has kept the pregnancy kit of Sai. She will bend down to pick it up, while he takes it before her. He will get emotional and says that they can’t get all the things they dream about. Whereas, she will declare that a child is not his dream but it’s his need. Meanwhile, Pakhi will stand at a distant from Virat and says that what if she can fulfill his need and can give him a child. She will think that by doing so, she can get Virat back in her life.

Will Pakhi be able to manipulate Virat?

Will Sai find out about Pakhi’s intentions?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

Stay tuned with us for more news, Spoilers and written updates of Ghum Hai Kise Key Pyaar Meiin.

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