Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th February 2023 Written Update: Vinayak breaks Sai’s heart


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sai asking Vinayak to come to his mother. Vinayak pushes Sai over to the ground. Sai gets shocked. Vinayak asks Sai to leave and tells her that Pakhi is his mom and mom told me that you’re that evil sorceress you want to separate me from my mom and I hate you to the core and you’re horrible. He falls to the ground. Sai tries to support him but he warns her to stay away from him. He says from here onwards he calls her bad aunty. Vinayak hugs Pakhi and requests her to take him home and tells her that he doesn’t want to stay there. They leave. Virat tries to help Sai but she stops him.

Virat hears Vinayak’s crying sound, he goes to Vinayak and tries to tell him that Doctor aunty is good. Pakhi stops him and asks him to understand the situation of the others too. Savi comes there and asks Vinayak why he is crying. Pakhi says Vinu can’t talk right now and leaves with Vinu. Savi questions Virat about what happened. Virat says Vinu is upset and I will explain everything to you later but first go to your mom who’s crying on the terrace, hug her, and tell her that you want to go home then call me once you reach home. Savi says ok. Virat asks her to promise him that she will take care of mom. Savi gives his word. Virat tells her he will come to meet her soon and asks her to go. She leaves.

Sai cries badly recalling Vinayak’s words that he hates her. Savi goes to Sai. She hugs Sai and what happened. Sai asks if she is bad as Vinayak said he will call me bad aunty. Savi says he may say it out of anger so don’t worry I will patch it up between you guys later. She hugs her.

Vinayak returns home in tears. He hugs Ashwini and Bhavani and tells he won’t leave them. Bhavani assures him she won’t let him leave anywhere and asks him what happened. Vinayak reveals how Sai told him she is his mothers and calls him to her. Bhavani says you’re going to stay with us, it’s my promise. Pakhi calls Vinayak and says she will attach a bandage around his wound. She takes him. Bhavani calls Sai shameless for hurting Vinayak and says it’s good that Vinayak refused her. Virat stops her and he supports Sai and asks her why she is blaming Sai instead of showing sympathy for her condition. He says you’re a mother and why can’t you understand another mother’s pain? He leaves.

Sai cries seeing her photo with Vinayak. She feels heartbroken recalling Vinayak’s hateful words. She thinks won’t Vinayak talk to her ever. She imagines Vinayak coming to her and calling her mom. She talks to him. Savi comes there and tells Sai that Vinayak is not around then with whom she is talking too. Sai imagine Vinayak in a teddy. She says Vinayak is here and talks to him. Savi tells her she is hungry. Sai says she will feed her later and goes to show the room she designed to Vinayak. On another side, Vinayak gets a nightmare that Sai is separating him from his mother. Pakhi assures him nothing happened and makes him sleep. She sees Viraj near the doorstep. She goes to him and asks if he saw how Sai tried to unveil the truth without thinking of Vinu’s condition, my son is traumatized. Virat says you have to blame yourself as you did it not Sai.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vinayak feels excited knowing Virat is transferred to Mumbai. Pakhi tells him they are shifting to Mumbai forever. Vinayak dances happily. They hear a calling bell sound. Pakhi thinks Virat came. She goes out of the room and notices Virat is in the house. She thinks about who came and opens the door. Pakhi and Virat get shocked to see Sai and Savi with their luggage. Virat asks Sai what is she doing here. Sai asks why they are looking tense seeing them and tells them she is back with her daughter to live with the family. Pakhi looks at Virat helplessly.

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