Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th February 2024 Written Update: Ishaan lashes out at Savi


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 18th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashmita asking Savi to think of her as Savi’s aunt. Savi notices the finger marks on Ashmita’s hand. Savi asks Ashmita how did she get these marks. Ashmita says these are just rashes and nothing more than that. Ashmita leaves from there.

Ishaan asks Reeva to help Savi study psychology as she needs to cover up their studies as she hasn’t come to the college for a lot of days. Reeva says to Ishaan that he could have asked her directly and there is no need to offer her coffee. Ishaan says he only offered her coffee because she is his friend and nothing more than that.

Nishikanth comes and asks Yashwant if he figured out a way how to stop Savi from pursuing her academics. Yashwant says he is thinking about it. Yashwant later gets an idea and says to Nishikanth to just wait and watch how Savi will stop pursuing her academics. Nishikanth agrees.

Savi calls Harini and talks to Harini and wishes her Happy Valentine’s Day and cuts the call. A servant comes and gives Ishaan’s suit to Savi. Savi drops the suit. Reeva picks up the suit. Reeva puts Ishaan’s suit in his cupboard and says Ishaan is very particular about his wardrobe.

Reeva later says to Savi that Ishaan asked her to help Savi in studying psychology as Savi has a lot of doubts in it. Savi says she will manage as now she has a phone. Reeva still says she will help her and asks Savi to come to her room. Savi says to Reeva that she doesn’t need her help and asks Reeva to stop listening to Ishaan.

Reeva comes to her room and types a message to Ishaan that she offered help to Savi but Savi refused her help and insulted her. Durva comes to her room. Reeva thinks it’s Savi and asks her to leave. Durva and Surekha comes to Reeva and asks them what happened. Durva reads Reeva’s message typed to Ishaan and she sends the message to Ishaan from Reeva’s phone and says to Surekha that Savi insulted Reeva and tells her what happened. Surekha asks Reeva about it. Reeva says she tried to help Savi because Ishaan asked her to do it. Surekha comments on Ishaan.

Ishaan comes to his room and thinks how could Savi refuse Reeva’s help. Ishaan searches for Savi.

Ishaan runs into Surekha. Surekha says to Ishaan about how Savi insulted Reeva. Surekha asks Ishaan to first talk to Reeva as he and Savi hurt Reeva.

Ishaan comes to Reeva and asks Reeva what happened. Reeva comes out of her room and says to Ishaan that she offered help to Savi but she didn’t take it instead she shouted at her that she doesn’t need her help.

Ishaan comes to Savi and asks Savi how dare she hurt Reeva. Reeva comes there. Reeva tries to talk to Ishaan. Savi asks Reeva not to interfere when they are talking. Ishaan asks Reeva to leave as he doesn’t want her to feel insulted even more. Reeva leaves from there. Ishaan asks Savi how could she disrespect Reeva when she came to help her. Savi says she just refused Reeva’s help and nothing more than that. Savi asks Ishaan if he thought about Reeva and her before taking this decision. Savi says Reeva is not able to take a class because of her and she can clearly see in Reeva’s eyes that she doesn’t want to do it so she refused her help. Ishaan says to Savi that she may be right.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ishaan says to Savi that she broke this house’s rules so she will be given punishment and that is he will make her study every day. Savi gets surprised with the punishment.

Ishaan helps Savi. Savi notices Ishaan is feeling sleepy so she goes to get tea but before her Savi sees Reeva has brought coffee for Ishaan.