Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th October 2022 Written Update: Virat learns about Sai’s voice note


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 5th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi getting upset after hearing Sai’s voice note. At that time Virat comes there and sees the bill from the jewellery shop. He questions Pakhi that if she had brought something again from the shop? To which she gets silent. He again asks her being confused, while her phone slips down from her hand. He notices the voice message from Sai and looks at Pakhi. He picks her phone and plays the voice note. He gets shocked hearing Sai’s words and also finds about the ring which Pakhi returned back to Sai, that the latter had sold to the jewellery shop.

Here, Virat lashes out at Pakhi for trying to help Sai. He scolds her for trying to be generous and proclaims that Sai doesn’t deserves it. Pakhi tries to prove her point and states that she just wanted to return the favor of Sai, as she is helping their son. Virat proclaims that the ring was just a piece of jewellery and it’s Sai’s decision whether she wants to sell it or not. He ask Pakhi to keep Sai away from there house.

Virat states that Sai has already done magic on Vinayak that he isn’t ready to take treatment from anyone else. He ask Pakhi to keep Sai away from there family matter as much as possible. He proclaims that the latter isn’t related to them and so they don’t have to show their concern for her, while Pakhi agrees to him and apologises for her mistake. She assures that she won’t repeat her mistake and goes away from there after wiping her tears.

Elsewhere, Bhavani ask Sonali to go to Sai’s house for Vinayak’s treatment but the latter denies. She proclaims that she don’t want to see her face, while Bhavani also states that she won’t be able to go as she is busy with the political issues. She then ask Ashwini to drop Vinayak to Sai’s house but the latter denies. She proclaims that she don’t want meet her as well as she never wants Vinayak to get treated by her.

Bhavani somehow convinces Ashwini to go to Sai’s house along with Vinayak, while Harini talks to her friend about the modelling contract. He tells her about the photographer and his charges while she assures to get the money on time. She ask Bhavani for the money, while the latter rebukes her for wasting her life. Harini pays no attention to Bhavani’s words and leaves from there.

Ahead, Sai keeps thinking about the money issue and how Jagtap and Pakhi tries to pity on her. She couldn’t able to sleep, while Pakhi and Virat also keeps turning on the bed. They looks at one another and the latter questions Pakhi that if she is fine? She assures him and then talks about her suspicion. She states that the thing which he did with her in the jewellery shop is bothering her. She questions that why he tried to show off in front if Sai about their marriage anniversary.

Virat accepts his mistake and says that he just want to repay Pakhi for whatever she did to him and his family. He says that he is in debt of her, while she gets emotional thinking that she is waiting for the day when he will realise that she isn’t doing any favour on him, but has feelings for him. She states that she is waiting for him to realise her feelings towards him. Meanwhile, Ashwini drops Vinayak to Sai’s house and talks rudely to Savi. Sai confronts the latter and proclaims that she is changed.

Further, Sai feels hurt as Ashwini rebukes her and then leaves from there. Whereas, Sai starts the treatment of Vinayak. She ask him to kick the ball and he does it successfully. At that time Virat comes there and gets surprised seeing the scenario. He becomes emotional and hugs Vinayak. He also holds Sai’s hand in excitement but soon realises his mistake and leaves it. Whereas, Sai appreciates Vinayak for his progress.

Precap:- Sai gets a call from Savi and becomes worried after hearing her scream. The phone gets cut and the latter grows restless. She goes inside the house and becomes dumbstruck seeing all the decorations and celebration of Virat and Pakhi’s marriage anniversary. She sees Vinayak and Savi dancing and enjoying along with Virat and Pakhi. Sai gets upset and keeps staring at them, while they also looks at her. Vinayak and Savi moves towards Sai and shakes her to make her come out of her thinking.

Episode starts with Ashwini getting inside Virat’s room and shares her concern with him. She tells him that he should not neglect his responsibilities towards Pakhi, even after the entry of Sai in their life. She gets irked thinking about Sai and proclaims that she always brings problems and warns Virat not to get affected by her. She says that Pakhi is doing so much for her son Vinayak and request Virat to shower her with love. Ashwini talks about Virat and Pakhi’s wedding anniversary, while he ask his mother not to get tensed. He promises that he will fulfill all his responsibilities towards Pakhi.

Here, Virat says that he have seen the sacrifices of Pakhi and proclaims that he will always nurture their bond. He regret not giving full attention towards Pakhi during their early married life and says that he feels guilty for it. He proclaims that he will do everything to rectify his mistake, while Ashwini feels proud of him.

Virat takes Pakhi to the jewellery shop in order to gift her something precious for their wedding anniversary. She sits along with him and starts going through the Jewelleries, while Sai also comes at the same shop. Virat notices her as she goes towards the manager and shows her ring asking for its money. Virat recalls the ring to be the one he has gifted her.

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