Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th December 2021 Written Update: Deviyani sences danger on Virat


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 8th December 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sai questions Virat about do he loves her like a wife, he says that he doesn’t wants to, she scolds him and says that she wants to know and he has to tell her, she then pinches him and then show her concern . Virat fixes her hair and then kisses on her cheeks. They then run behind each other and a jar fells down he gets up from her dream.

Virat is calling DIG sir, sir tells him that minister is not cancelling his tour and he has to arrange everything, sir ask him whether he is talking to a police officer or a friend of terrorist. Virat says that he is always apolice officer, he prays to give sence to Sadanand. Sai brings the thal to Bhavani, she scolds him. Sonali also taunta her as Sai cannot burn diya in the thal. Devyani tells her convern to Sai that why she let Virat go away from her, Sai explains her that everything is fine. Pulkit also explain Devyani, but she is not ready to accept it. Virat car comes under a bomb attack. Devyani ask Sai to call Virat, Samrat tells them that he tried his call but its not connecting,

Devyani says that they should go and check Virat. Virat and his officers escapes the bomb blast, he comes out of his car and tells that thus blast is to make them late for minister security. He ask them to fix the car fast as they have to go fast. Virat annalyse and tells to his officer that Sadanand must have put the bomb under the bridge and not over it, so they should go and check it before minister crosses the bridge. Sadanand and his friends fix the bomb under the bridge.

Virat and his officers come and searches for the bomb, they find one bomb. Devyani runs and wants to go to see Virat, all of them stops her and in this Devyani breaks Sai Mangalsutr, everyone is shocked. The bomb squad tells to Virat that this bomb is fake, Virat is in dilemma that what Sadanand is going to do. Sadanand planned a drone to take bomb, Virat hears its sound. Pulkit tells them that breaking Mangalsutr doesn’t matters, Karishma says that he will say that as his wife has broken the Mangalsutr.

Ashwini Sai and Karishma picks up the beads from the floor. Pakhi taunts and tells to Sai why she is concerned about her Mangalsutr as Virat is her friend, Samrat scolds him. Bhavani scolds Pakhi and trues to justify herself, Ashwini scolds her and ask her to help in picking the beads. Sai ask Ashwini to fix her Mangalsutr. Minister car is passing and a drone is flying over the car, Virat aims and shot the drone, the blast happens and minister is safe.

Precap- Sai prays to God to save Virat, while Virat is in a firing situation with the terrorist. Sai prays that she wants Virat to be safe, while Sadanand is shock as Virat got hit by the bullet.

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