Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story : Sai to reveal some shocking truth?


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Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein, is unravelling lot many mysteries with each passing day. The show is able to grab the attention of the masses. The viewers are loving the track and how all the characters are shown. Currently, Sai will not be permitted to go out to her professor’s house. Previously Virat was seen planning a surprise for Sai but with seeing Sai’s arrogance, he will be furious on Sai and will give her warning that he will lock her in one room. Sai will feel bad that Virat is behaving like this. Ninand and Bhavani will enjoy seeing Virat in power.

Shivani will come and try to speak up for Sai but it will be of no use. Virat will warn Sai to behave properly. Sai will be disappointed and will say you married me to take my responsibilities but this way it’s hurting me. Sai says I agreed to stay with you but not with your family’s drama and taunting. Bhavani has already accepted Pakhi as her ideal daughter in law and with Samrat gone, Bhavani fears of losing Pakhi and as she knows Virat and Pakhi’s past, so she wants Pakhi to be with Virat. Pakhi is shocked that Sai might reveal things. Sai says remember if you break your side of deal it won’t take me even a minute to reveal your deeds. With this she will leave to Pulkit’s house.

In the upcoming episodes, Virat will be angry on Sai. Virat will not let Naira go to Pulkit’s house for lunch. He will stop Sai and this will enrage Sai. Virat will tell Sai that today she will not get food. Sai will say everyone in this family knows this punishment only. She will go to room. Pakhi will think this is a good way to enrage Virat more as he is not with Sai and is angry with her. Pakhi will think of a plan. Will Virat be able to handle the situation? Will Virat be able to help Sai ? What will Sai do now? What will be Pakhi’s reaction to this? What will this trip end up becoming? Will Samrat be back? What is in store for Devyani? Will we get more romantic moments of Sai and Virat together?

What will Pakhi do to create difficulties for Sai? Keep following this space for more.