Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 17th September 2021 Written Update: Sai shares her worries with Pulkit


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 17th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sai telling Pulkit that he is wrong as she can never love Virat. He is misunderstanding. Specially after Virat locked her up. She says she wants to break her marriage with him forever. She will free him from his duties. It seems like Virat is venting out his anger on her for not getting Pakhi back. Pulkit asks her if Pakhi was not present would Sai be able to love Virat. Sai says never as Virat is behaving so strange nowadays with her. He argues with her all the time. Pulkit says but Virat took care of her genuinely when she met with the accident. Sai says after the anniversary surprise plan she got angry with Virat and then he got more annoyed. After Samrat’s return Virat is not able to see Pakhi and him together and behaving like this. Pakhi is also adding fuel to the fire and showing off in front of Virat as if she is happy with Samrat. She told her not to do that but Virat got convinced seeing Pakhi’s fake tears. Pulkit says he can’t believe Sai and Virat’s differences has reached to such an extent. Sai says Virat promised her he wants Samrat and Pakhi to be together but then she found them together at a cafe. Sai says Virat and Pakhi didn’t forget each other yet, and Sai adds she cant stand their drama anymore. She wants to stay away from all this. She is really pissed off. Later Sai reveals Virat even locked her in a room to stop her from going to college. Pulkit gets shocked and says how can Virat do this.

Samrat confronts Virat saying he shouldn’t have locked Sai. Pakhi says to Virat if Sai was not ready to attend the Puja why he wants her to come. Samrat says how can Virat justify his action. Virat says Sai has some responsibilities towards her in laws. She is really stubborn, she wanted to go to college thus he had no choice but locking her. She should value things. Bhavani says Virat didn’t do anything wrong. They’re aware of Sai’s habits. Sai needs to get a lesson for not following their rules and traditions. Shivani says those age old beliefs are gone now. Sai is free spirited and did so much for them. How can they blame Sai. Shivani taunts Pakhi for getting extra attention without doing anything. Pakhi says she wanted to leave but they didn’t let her do so. Ninad shuts Shivani up. Samrat says he still can’t support this behaviour which Virat did to Sai.

Sai tells Pulkit that now she has made up her mind. She doesn’t want to be burden on Virat but she will leave him soon. Virat cant force his opinion on her. Sai says she will stay in Nagpur till her transfer gets confirmation. She will get taunts after returning back home but she is ready to face them all. Samrat scolds Virat for hampering Sai’s studies. Sai studies in best college and gets scholarships but her low marks will affect her a lot. Virat’s so called responsible attitude is not letting Sai study properly. Devyani says Virat is not intelligent at all, why he behaved with Sai in this way. She also scolds Virat. Bhavani stops Devyani. Samrat says Bhavani should rebuke Virat not Devyani. Samrat asks for the keys from Virat. Virat says he can’t give keys to Samrat. Ashwini comes out of room and asks why are they shouting. Samrat gets angry with Virat. Sonali, Ninad and Bhavani blame Sai for creating a scene again. Sonali says she is an attention seeker and immature too. Samrat shuts them up and asks for the keys to free Sai else he will break the door. Devyani holds Virat’s hands and tells Samrat to snatch the keys. Virat gives the keys to him at last and Pakhi asks Samrat to not interfere in Virat and Sai’s matters. Samrat says he is emotionally connected to Sai more than Virat. Sai is like his sister. He will take her out and noone will question her. Virat stands shocked.

Precap – Sai attends the puja and Virat ignores her. Samrat sees Pakhi’s saree caught fire. He saves her.

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