Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Yogesh prohibits Geeta to become Sai’s surrogate


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai and Virat waiting for Geeta and gets worried as they couldn’t able to contact her. Whereas, Bhavani keeps asking them about the latter and taunts them for considering an outsider for surrogacy, rather then Pakhi. Meanwhile, Geeta and her husband Yogesh greets Pakhi as she disguises herself to get inside their house. She introduces herself to be a staff of the hospital and says that she came to take their signature for the surrogacy procedure. Both husband and wife gets confused and ask about it, to which the latter replies that it is mandatory to sign the legal documents before starting the procedure.

Here, Geeta takes the papers and was about to sign without even reading it, when Pakhi stops her and advice to read it carefully. The latter looks at Pakhi being confused, while she replies that sometimes it can cause trouble to them. She tries to act innocent and supportive in front of them and tells that being a surrogate is a risky matter.

Geeta and Yogesh gets confused with her information and ask to elaborate. She tells that it is mentioned in the documents that if anything happens to Geeta during the procedure then Sai and her family won’t be responsible for it. She also tells that if anything happens to the baby, then only Geeta will be responsible for it and she will be punished as well as charged for it.

Elsewhere, Geets gets shocked and Yogesh becomes scared. He fumes in anger and gets furious at Sai for hiding all the informations from them. Pakhi tells that womens charge money for becoming a surrogate, but Geeta haven’t even taken a single penny from them. She also lies to them about surrogacy being a dangerous procedure, which can hamper a person’s life.

Geeta denies to believe Pakhi and proclaims to clearify everything with Sai, whereas Pakhi gets scared thinking what if the latter gets to talk with Sai. Meanwhile, the doctor notify Sai and Virat that they have unfreezed the egg and ask them to call Geeta as soon as possible. She says that they won’t be able to freeze the egg again and they only have one left to use, orelse they won’t be able to do this procedure again.

Ahead, Sai and Virat gets worried while Bhavani mocks Sai. The latter ask Bhavani to stop and becomes restless. Virat also gets tensed and advice to call Pakhi for help, but Sai denies his suggestion. She declares that she will go and find Geeta. She assures that the latter will surely help them and rushes to meet Geeta. Whereas, Virat takes a stand for Sai against Bhavani and ask her not to say anything bad.

Pakhi makes Yogesh talk to Vaishali lying that she is also one of the victim of surrogacy procedure. Vaishali makes up a story and scares them about being a surrogate. Whereas, Yogesh gets firm on his decision and proclaims that they won’t help Sai. Geeta tells that they are doing mistake and insists to have a talk with Sai, but her husband denies. They decides to call the doctor and decline to help the Chavans.

Further, Sai walk towards Geeta’s house when two thieves attached her. They try to snatch her purse while she runs away from them. She tries to fight back, but they snatches her bag and hits her head to make her unconscious. Whereas, Virat gets worried as the doctor ask him to bring the surrogate immediately. Bhavani advice him to take Pakhi’s help, but he gets into a dilemma. Whereas, the latter calls Bhavani and smirks learning that her plan is working.

Precap:- Virat tells the doctor that Sai is missing. She gets annoyed with him and ask to bring Geeta. She scolds him for giving excuses and declares that she won’t be able to do anything if the time gets up. She proclaims that Virat and Sai won’t be able to become parents if Geeta won’t come on time. Whereas, at that time Bhavani comes there with Pakhi. The doctor ask the nurse to start the procedure, while Virat gets shocked seeing her.

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