Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 4th July 2022 Written Update: Bhavani takes a drastic step


Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin Written Update | GHKPM 4th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat getting worried about Sai and tries to call her. He becomes tensed as her phone gets switched off. He remembers his happy moments with Sai and becomes emotional, whereas Pakhi comes there and tells that Bhavani called her in the hospital. She notify that the latter told her that Geeta haven’t showed up and tries to console Virat. She shows her fake concern towards him and assure that everything will be fine. He shares his pain and worry with her and tells that he is concerned for Sai, as she is not picking his calls.

Here, Pakhi tries to instigate Virat against Sai by telling that she couldn’t able to convince Geeta to conceive their child. Virat says that he would have gone to search for Sai, but she only have asked him to wait inside the hospital. He shows his worry regarding their baby and Sai. At that time Bhavani comes there and ask him not to trust Sai.

Pakhi tells that she is ready to help them but Sai have prohibited her from interfering in their matter. She says that more then Sai’s reaction she is worried about Virat’s dream. She reminds that if the time gets over then Virat won’t be able to have his own child. She tries to convince him to let her conceive their baby and becomes their surrogate, but he gets into a dilemma.

Elsewhere, Virat says that he is not understanding what to do, as he can’t take any decision without Sai’s presence. He states that he is ready to sacrifice his baby, while Bhavani and Pakhi gets shocked. She tells him that why will he compromise with his dream because of Sai? She advice him to think about himself and keeps manipulating him.

Bhavani also stands with Pakhi and talks ill about Sai. She declares that they need a heir to the family and reminds Virat about the happiness of a child. He gets emotional and sits down, while Pakhi sits along with him. He thinks about an idea and calls his officer. He gives the phone number of Sai and ask to track it. Where, Sai gets conscious and suffers dizziness. She gets worried about the time.

Ahead, Sai ties her head with the piece of her saree and goes towards Geeta’s house. She knocks her door and ask to open but the latter’s husband stops her. Their son sees Sai and takes her inside their house. Geeta gets worried seeing Sai’s condition and ask about it. Meena, the latter denies to be Sai’s surrogate but Sai keeps requesting them not to do it.

Sai begs Geeta and her husband not to back off, while they inform about all the conditions of surrogacy. Sai gets shocked and denies about it, while they reveals about the lady which came from the hospital. Meanwhile, Virat learns about Sai’s phone being stolen and the police staffs tries to search for her. He sends them Geeta’s address and worries for Sai’s well-being.

Further, the doctor ask Virat to hurry up while Bhavani comes there with Pakhi and lies that she is Geeta. The doctor sends Pakhi to Dr. Nitin and tells that he will do the procedure. Pakhi smirks and goes inside the cabin, whereas Virat gets tensed for Sai and the latter tries to convince Geeta for being their surrogate and insists to believe her.

Precap:- Sai comes to the hospital along with Geeta and her husband. She meets Bhavani and ask about Virat, to which the latter tells that he went to search for her. Bhavani also reveals that Pakhi has already become their surrogate and the procedures are completed, while Sai gets shocked.

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