Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein Upcoming Story: Savi points out Durva’s wrongdoings


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Star Plus TV’s popular show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin serial is witnessing some major turning points where Savi takes a stand for Ashmita.

As reported earlier, Ashmita makes Durva’s favourite food but Durva doesn’t eat it and it is high calorie food and behaves rudely with Ashmita and asks Ashmita to make oats for her. Durva asks Ashmita to make oats for her.

Savi says to Durva that Ashmita is also standing her tantrums. Savi asks Durva that if she wants to stay healthy why can’t she make her own food.

Surekha asks Savi who is she to lecture Durva and reminds Savi that she is just a guest not part of this family. Savi reminds Surekha that Surekha can make a guest work and give her the responsibility of protecting this house’s dignity.

Savi asks Surekha what’s wrong if she raised a question when something wrong is happening in this house.

Ashmita asks Surekha not to get mad as she has a heart problem. Ashmita apologises on behalf of Savi. Ashmita says she will prepare Oats and send it to Durva’s room. Surekha takes Durva away from there.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Ishaan says to Savi that she broke this house rules so she will be given punishment and that is he will make her study every day. Savi gets surprised with the punishment.

Ishaan helps Savi. Savi notices Ishaan is feeling sleepy so she goes to get tea but before her Savi sees Reeva has brought coffee for Ishaan.

What will happen next?

Who will Ishaan’s heart Reeva or Savi?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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