Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story 31st October 2020 : Kamal and Virat decide something.


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Episode begins with Devi says Pakhi say the truth, Ashwini says let’s go and eat sheera. Devi says I will go but I need Pakhi to say it. Ashwini says the sheera is little only. She takes Devi. Vaishali and Mukund say as Samrat is not here we want to take Pakhi with us for few days. Kaku says you guys make us die only. Mukund says we didn’t mean that. Pakhi says I will stay here. Kaku says very good I am proud of you. Vaishali says good decision and we are here only, Kaku looks at her with anger. Vaishali says we will come for you. Pakhi thinks I have to take care of Virat’s family as now Samrat knows.

Here, Sai and Kamal talk. Sai says just because Virat said so you kept me here alone and no food. Kamal says everything is there go and chevl the fridge. Sai check the fridge and finds food and a suitcase full of her clothes. She says Usha was also in your plan, why are you doing this?, I will not leave that Gabbar Virat. Kamal says don’t say like this. Here, Virat and Kamal go to the confidental room to talk and discuss. Virat says no one should know Sai’s location. Kamal says yes sir. Virat says she must have been very angry. Kamal says yes sir a bit. Virat says must have given me gaali and called me Gabbar. Kamal says yes sir one to two time, then says sorry no sir, Sai is bit angry person. Virat says bit? Kamal says her personality has become like this.

Kamal then feels dizzy. Virat makes him sit and calls Kale. Virat gives Kamal water. Virat asks Kale to take Kamal home. Kamal says why home? I want to be part of this mission. Virat says you are not well, please understand. Kamal says but I want to take up this mission to punish those who tried to keep their dirty hands on my daughter. Virat says I understand. Kamal then thinks and says what if I be part of planning team as no one knows this place better than me. Virat agrees and says but only planning. Kamal agrees and goes home to rest with Kale.

Virat is at his home working, he sees the time and remembers he told Pakhi he will call her back. He calls Pakhi but Pakhi misses the ring as she is arranging the cupboard. Just then someone makes Shankar and Shinde, the gaurds of Virat intoxicated and they become senseless. The goon then drops 3 gas bombs from window and closes the window. After sometime, Virat sees the smoke and tries to open window calls the gaurds but then no one responds. The gas makes him dizzy and the phone falls, Pakhi is called again due to phone falling. Pakhi picks up this time saying she was thinking about him only but then she doesn’t get a reply, here Virat fells unconsciously due to gas inhalation. Pakhi thinks maybe Virat called her by mistake. Kamal comes to visit Virat, but is shocked to see both the gaurds unconscious. He rushes in, breaks the door and then finds a letter. Then rushes to Virat who is still unconscious, Kamal asks Kale to open the window then Kamal throws water on Virat’s face but he doesn’t wake up. So, Kamal and Kale decide to take Virat by carrying him.

Next morning, Pakhi is still trying to reach to Virat but is unable to reach him. She thinks why is Viraf being so busy or ignoring her so much. Sunny knocks on the door and asks if he could come in. Pakhi says why have you came now? Come. Sunny comes in. Sunny says I know it must be difficult for you as you love Virat. Pakhi says Kismat’s thing no one can know or understand other tham Kismat. There, Karishma is listening standing behind the door. Sunny says Virat has taken this as Kismat’s decision and now you should too start a life with Samrat. Pakhi says I am unable to forget my feelings for Virat and I am sure Virat also can’t. Sunny says but what has Samrat done wrong to deserve all this. Pakhi says the time has passed to decide who did what thing wrong.

Sunny says see I can just request you that start moving on as Virat is and thia way it will be better for all three of you. Pakhi says maybe for Virat acceoting it as Kismat’s decision is as easy as forgeting me, but for me it isn’t, Virat has his work to focus on which will keep him busy but what should I do, I can’t reduce my love for Virat. Sunny says I am Virat’s childhood friend, no one knows him better than I do and I understand Samrat too, by that I can tell you both Samrat and Virat have the same personality. Pakhi says then are you asking me to love them both in the same way? Just then Pakhi notices somone on door. Sunny also sees and thinks what now? Pakhi goes and sees Karishma, Pakhi says come inside and listen to the conversation nicely. Karishma is tensed of being caught and says I came to ask you for tea, I am going. She thinks to tell Mohit about it all.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karishma says I know the truth of Pakhi, Ashwini who is passing by with a food plate listens and come inside to ask what truth about Pakhi. Mohit triea tk stop her but Karishma says tbat Pakhi is sad because Samrat is gone or because Virat is gone. Ashwini says why will she be bothered by Virat? Karishma says because Virat and Pakhi love each other. Ashwini is shocked and the good plate falls down.