Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story : How will Sai free Pulkit?


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The viewers are enjoying the current track of the show as Sai have finally found out the truth and now planning to expose the culprits.

Bhavani enters Sai’s room and searches for her phone everywhere.Sai remembers Bhavani pretending to meet Pulkit and Ninad telling her that Pulkit is a fraud and liar.She realizes that Pulkit was forced to send that voice message by the kidnappers. Bhavani thinks where did Sai go so late at night and finds Sai inside her room. Bhavani asks Sai what is se doing in her room? Sai tells she has found out about Pulkit’s truth,she tells she got a message from Pulkit confessing his intentions.

Sai shows her phone to Bhavani that Pulkit send her so many messages and he deleted them too. Omkar tells he may have been afraid that you will show the messages to entire family so he deleted it. Sai apologizes to them for bringing Pulkit back into Devyani’s life. She tells I won’t even think about fraud and liar like Pulkit again,so please don’t stop me from meeting Devyani and let me take care of her.

Sai asks Bhavani if Pulkit will be punished for what he did? Bhavani tells she is hapoy that Sai realized her mistake and she forgives her but asks her to promise that she won’t talk about Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage again. Sai promises her and thinks once she frees Pulkit she will get Pulkit and Devyani married without even informing Bhavani.

In the upcoming episode Sai tells Madhuri that Pulkit has been kidnapped and she has made the kidnappers believe that she is on their side. Later Bhavani gets a letter and tells Ninad and Omkar that Dadu is demanding 1crore from us. Ninad tells we had a deal in 5lacs,from where will we pay him 1crore? Sai overhears everything.

What is Sai’s plan to free Pulkit?

Will Sai be successful in bringing out the truth infront or everyone?

Keep watching Ghum Hai Kiskey Pyaar Mai as Sai exposes the culprits and saves Pulkit only on Star Plus And Hotstar.