Gud Se Meetha Ishq 11th August 2022 Written Update: Pari insults Nimrit


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 11th August 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Khuranas greet Dev’s family. Bhoomi suggests to throw away Kaju and Pallavi before Pavitra arrives with her family otherwise they won’t let Neel to get married to Pavitra. Nimrit says that she is getting the vibe of Amritsar Junction seeing Khurana house. Dev asks Nutan to not give him any special treatment. Nutan says that things have changed as Dev has not come as Pari’s teacher this time.

Dev says that he is still the same person. Nimrit says that they have brought organic fruits as Shagun. Dev introduces Nimrit and Navdeep with Pari’s family. Nimrit says that Shagun is important as Dev is her favourite brother in law. Navdeep praises Dev’s intelligence and understanding nature. Pari’s father agrees with him him and praises Dev for accepting Pari.

Neel recalls Pallavi’s words. Pari gets ready to appear before Dev and his family. Neel comes to check her. Pari blames Kajal and Pallavi for wasting her time. Pallavi says that she won’t leave until Kaju gets her right. Jaidev asks her to leave before guests arrive.

Pallavi says that she doesn’t want any dramma but whatever is right will happen. Kajal tries to convince her but she doesn’t listen. Jaidev calls Police to deal with Pallavi and Kajal. Pari’s father asks Navdeep and Nimrit if they know everything about Pari. Navdeep says that he doesn’t know much. Nimrit says that she learned from Dev that Pari sings really well. Pari comes there shouting. Pari calls Nimrit snake alike. Nimrit mocks Pari.

Dev asks Pari to behave properly. Nutan asks Pari to shut up. Pari doesn’t listen and says that it’s her Roka, she won’t keep quiet. Pari’s father asks her to go inside. Pari says that she will stay with Dev. Police says that Pallavi has brought marriage certificate and two eyewitnesses from village one of whom is the village head so he can’t help.

If Pallavi and Kajal launch police Complaint against Neel, he has to go to jail. He asks Jaidev to reconsider their decision of Neel’s remarriage knowing that Neel is already married as it’s a crime. He asks him to settle the matter within themselves and leaves. Pavitra arrives there with her mother in bride’s attire. Dadi asks forgiveness from Nimrit and Navdeep on behalf of Pari. Navdeep asks her not to.

Nimrit says that Dev told them that Pari is different but they didn’t know that Pari is mad. Pari gets triggered and shouts at Nimrit for calling her mad. She says that she is special child not mad. Pari demands for the roka ceremony to kick start immediately. Dev agrees and asks Nimrit for it. Dev asks Pari to call Navdeep and Nimrit as Veerji and Parjaiji.

Pari goes to touch Navdeep and Nimrit’s feet. Navdeep asks her to not to. Pavitra’s mother questions Jaidev for hiding about the marriage certificate from them . The village head says that they won’t leave until Kaju gets justice. Pavitra asks Neel for a solution. Neel says that he will solve the issue. Neel asks Kajal to tell Pallavi what all he did for her.

Precap : Bhoomi refers Pallavi and Kajal as inferior people. Pavitra asks Neel to sign on divorce papers and send Kajal and Pallavi away. Pallavi says that there will be sindoor on Kajal’s forehead always. Neel gets frustrated hearing the words sindoor again and again. He takes sindoor and applies it on Kajal’s forehead.

In today’s episode, puja ki thali drops from Pallavi’s hand and she questions Kajal regarding Bhoomi’s comment. Jaidev comes there and asks what’s happening there. Bhoomi says that the mother and daughter duo are doing dramma, Kajal must have invited Pallavi so she came with all the villagers. Pallavi asks Bhoomi to not forget that these villagers worked their ass off during her wedding. Pallavi adds that Kajal has not invited her, she has full right to visit her daughter’s house. Jaidev asks her to leave as she has met her daughter already as he doesn’t want any problem during his son’s wedding ceremony.

Pallavi asks how is that possible as Neel and Kajal are already married. Neel comes there. Kajal tells him that Pallavi has come to meet her and will leave in a while. Pallavi reminds Neel that he married Kajal in presence of all the villagers then how can he marry again and what he is doing in groom’s outfit and why Kajal is wearing maid’s outfit. She says that she has raised Kajal alone so well that’s why Kajal is not saying anything to Neel but doesn’t Neel have any responsibility towards Kajal. Jaidev asks Pallavi to stop creating scenes as Neel and Kajal don’t have any relation ever. Pallavi says that Neel married Kajal Infront of all villagers.

She shows a document to him and others. She says that Jaidev doesn’t understand emotions but he must understand law being a lawyer. Pallavi says that Neel has cheated Kajal. Neel says that he never cheated Kajal as he married her solely to save her life. Pallavi says that they never asked Neel for any favour. Kajal tells Pallavi that Neel has no fault. Pallavi asks Kajal to keep quiet and let her speak. She says that she won’t let anyone snatch Kajal’s husband. Bhoomi says that Neel will never consider Kajal his wife. Pallavi says that Neel has to as Kajal’s sindoor may not matters to Khuranas but it matters to them and Kajal. Neel says that he applied that sindoor to stop Kajal’s life from spoiling.

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