Gud Se Meetha Ishq 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Kajal is recovering slowly


Gud Se Meetha Ishq 3rd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kajal confessing what she actually felt during the marriage at Uttarakhand, she says I thought who does so much for a person like Neil did? I thought he was serious about the marriage but then when he told me after coming to Delhi that he was not serious about the marriage and someone is already in his life, then I didn’t want to be his burden anymore.

He is such a nice human being, otherwise who comes back for someone? He not only came back but also took a stand for me,stood with me, saved me, hence I didn’t want him to feel pressured in any way. Satyakam told Kajal that from which material you are made? I am listening from the start and all you talked about is your mother and Neil. But where are you in all these things? When will you start thinking about yourself ?

Kajal says that I have always seen my mother struggling all her life to give me a smile, I will tackle everything on my own but I don’t want my mother to go through any embarrassment or heartbreaks. Satyagrah got a call from chhavi who is asking him when he is coming back for the puja at home? He told them that he will be back in some moments and then after meeting with Kajal for the last time he left the hospital.

Neil who was standing outside of the hospital room understands that whatever happened with Kajal, he is somewhere responsible for it as well. He decided that he will not back off from his responsibilities anymore and at the same time Kajal was trying to take water from her side table and in this process she was about to slip from her bed but Neil came on time and he holds her in his arms when Kajal finally noticed that he is also here. He told her that you could have asked me for water but what was the need to be so careless?

Pavitra comes and meets Kajal and obviously she doesn’t feel good about Neil being so caring for Kajal. In the house, Pari was throwing tantrums since she was not ready to rehearse today for her singing. Later Dev made her understand that there is puja going on below for Bhoomi and she should not sing so loudly as it can cause problems for others and Pari finally understood and sat quietly in her room.

Dev says to Pari that if you don’t listen to me then I will go away from this room then you have to sit alone over here and pari got upset that these people know very well that I will get bored alone that’s why they keep blackmailing me in the name of going away. Pavitra told Neil that she will arrange an NGO for Kajal to stay in Delhi but he decided in his mind that he will take Kajal to his house and nowhere else.

Precap – Neil and Kajal come to the house together. Pari gets excited and calls them a couple.

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