Gud Se Meetha Ishq Upcoming Story: Kajal, Pari get their happy endings with Neel, Dev!


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Star Bharat’s promising show Gud Se Meetha Ishq has recently come to an end with Dev, Pari and Neel, Kajal’s union. Kajal and Pari get job of dance and music teacher while Neel and Dev support them.

In the last episode, Pari sang the song Gud Se Meetha Ishq while Kajal danced on that song. Dhruv saw their live performance and geared up to inform Neel. Bhoomi tried to stop him but he didn’t listen to her. He criticized Bhoomi and left.

Neel got emotional seeing the performance. Dev got tears seeing Pari. Noor asked Dev to go and bring Pari back. She said that her sports event was less important than Pari.

Dev praised Noor and kissed her forehead. He arranged a private helicopter to reach Uttarakhand urgently. Kajal informed Pari that they got jobs of music and dance teacher due to their extraordinary performance. They gave credits to each other and did their happy dance. They got shocked after seeing Neel and Dev there.

Neel apologized to Kajal and asked her to return with him. Kajal refused and said that she didn’t deserve Neel. She informed Neel about her job. Neel said that he would support her and they would stay at Uttrakhand for six months and spend remaining six months at Delhi. Kajal got convinced. They shared a hug. Dev said sorry to Pari.

Pari asked him to leave and stay happily with Noor and Chandni. Dev informed her that Noor wanted to stay with Pari and him. He said that he learned Nimrit’s truth as well.

Pari asked Dev to understand that she could not make him happy like Noor and Chandni. Dev made Pari talk to Chandni and Noor. Chandni apologized to Pari. She said that she would not come in between Dev and Pari.

Noor called Pari as Pari ma and asked her to come back soon. Dev told Pari that he only wanted her. Pari hugged Dev. The lovebirds said I love you to their partners.

Few months later, Kajal, Pari got busy in life as they become music and dance teacher of small kids. Dev and Neel supported their respective partners.

The show ended by showing the happy faces of the lovebirds.