Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story: Ganga separates Guddan from her child

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On

The episode starts with the family getting shocked when the doctor tells them that Guddan and Akshat’s baby girl was born dead and, even though they tried, they couldn’t save her. Akshat is devastated and recalls Guddan’s happiness when she gave him the news about her pregnancy and all the happy moments they spent during these nine months thinking about their baby. He breaks down falling on floor and keeps recalling Guddan talking about the baby. Everybody cries.

Akshat isn’t able to believe that their baby is dead and wonders why he is feeling that she is still alive. In fact, in the room, the nurse is seen grabbing the baby and passing her to Ganga through the window.

Akshat says that everything has ended now. Charulatha tries comforting him saying that it’s God’s wish but Askhat replies that he cannot live everything as God’s wish and God won’t even come to answer Guddan when she will wake up and will ask about her child. Charulatha says that she is feeling like nothing has happened to their baby.

Ganga thinks that he planned with the doctor and proved that the baby is dead with his help. She recalls how, when doctor came to the house for Guddan’s delivery, Ganga corrupted him and the nurse giving a lot of money in exchange of help with her work. Ganga had asked the doctor to tell the family that Guddan’s baby has born dead. She convinced him scaring him with the situation happened due to the coronavirus because of which doctors are risking their lives and lacking money too. The doctor had agreed.

Ganga blames Guddan for insulting her and separating her from baby. She says that she just avenged her baby’s death and now Guddan’s child will bear her wrath. She says that the family behaved like she was a servant since eight months so now she will use Guddan’s baby against her and avenge everything that she had to go through.

The child chuckles. Ganga says that she isn’t aware of what all is going to happen with her. She lifts the baby above and the child pees on her and laughs. Ganga says that she is just like her mother but now she will fix her and nobody will ever come to know that Guddan and Akshat’s baby is alive.

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Just then she hears some footsteps and looks on getting alerted. It’s Avinash. Ganga gives Avinash the baby and asks him to take her away where nobody will find her. Avinash asks Ganga what they will do with the baby. Ganga replies that they have to take the baby very far. Avinash asks if she is sure. Ganga is keen on fulfilling her plan. She puts the baby in a basket and asks Avinash to leave. Avinash tries convincing her to think again but Ganga doesn’t listen to him and sends him away. Avinash leaves. Ganga says that now Guddan will find herself alone even though she is with everybody.

Avinash is about to put the baby in the basket in the dumpster but just then police comes and asks him to show what’s there in the basket. Avinash makes excuse and then runs away. He blames the baby for trapping him and decides to leave her there in the road but she kicks the basket making some wood fall on him.

Ganga goes back to the family and pretends to be shocked and heartbroken when she is told that the baby has born dead. Doctor comes and asks family to tell Guddan about the baby. Ganga waits for Avinash’s message.

Charulatha asks Akshat to be courageous and take care of Guddan. She asks everybody to go inside the room since Guddan needs them the most right now. Ganga says that she won’t be able to do it. She sheds crocodile’s tears.

Akshat says that he is feeling very scared and he doesn’t know how to give Guddan such a bad news. He cries and asks for time otherwise he will break. He gets up and leaves. Everybody is sad. Charulata and others goes to Guddan.

Avinash calls Ganga and tells her that police was behind. Ganga scolds him and says that she must do something now.

Episode ends.