Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story : Jindal family’s love and care towards Guddan and Akshat’s baby

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist On

The episode starts with the baby starting to cry and Akshat and Guddan trying to calm her down. Ganga brings Durga there and shows what is happening to her. She says that the baby is crying for her real mother and blames the family for separating a little girl from a mother for Guddan’s happiness. She says that they might have to face karma as her real mother will curse them. Just then Charulatha comes and asks them what they are doing there. She says that she knows what is going on in their mind and explains them that relations are made with heart and not blood and this is all Krishna’s will. She says that Guddan is connected with the baby with her heart and she is sure that Guddan will handle everything.

The three hear Guddan saying that she knows what to do. Guddan gets a mini speaker and plays lori on it. She says that her baby is her copy so she will sleep hearing lori silently just like her. Akshat says that she never slept silently. Guddan replies that she is talking about her childhood. The baby actually gets silent listening to lori. Charulatha smiles hearing that and says that Guddan can do anything. Durga agrees with her. Charulatha says that Guddan is the youngest mother in law in India and now also mother so there is nothing she cannot do. Charulatha and Durga leaves. Ganga wonders what to do now.

Guddan surrounds the baby with balloons. Akshat asks her what she is doing. Guddan says that she is her baby so she is special and she must sleep comfortably so she made a kind of house around her. She forwards a hand towards Akshat who asks her if she wants money. Guddan tells him that they shall dance so that the baby can sleep. Akshat asks her if her parents used to dance around her to make her sleep. Guddan denies that but says that this baby is her daughter and she is superstar so she will sleep in a filmy way only. Akshat says that there is need to maintain social distancing though but Guddan reminds him that he lifted her in his arms before so he shouldn’t make excuse. Akshat smiles and grabs her hand. They start dancing romantically. “Sang hoon tere” plays. They stand closer and Akshat says that any movie is incomplete without romance. They are about to kiss when they hear the baby snoring. Akshat says that she snores just like Guddan so she’s surely her xerox copy. They chuckle.

The show takes a three months leap. Akshat enters in the room and gives a flying kiss to the baby who is lying on bed. He goes in front of mirror to comb his hair. Guddan comes and whistle seeing him. Akshat asks her not to flirt in front of the baby. Guddan complains as he ruined her romantic mood. Akshat asks her to hurry up and get the baby because they have to leave for baby’s vaccination. Guddan says that she has to get also baby’s stuff. Akshat says that it must be just a diaper. Guddan starts gathering all baby’s stuff and fills a basket. Akshat gets surprised. He says that he understands her excitement since she is a newly mother but they are going for baby’s vaccination not for picnic. Guddan starts listing all the things she has gathered and tells how they are necessary. Akshat asks how he will carry so much stuff. They start arguing. At then end Guddan says that she will go only with all this stuff otherwise he can go alone. She leaves. Akshat looks at the baby and says that sometimes he wonders if she is the baby or her mother is the one. He says that now he will have to do something since he made Guddan upset.

Akshat gets ready wearing all the stuff of the baby and carrying a children’s backpack as well. He calls Guddan and asks her if there is something left. Guddan says that there is one thing left and hugs him. The baby smiles seeing them. Guddan calls him “Papa the great”. Akshat calls her “Mummy the great”.

On the other hand, Lakshmi and Durga argue because they both want to apply oil and massage the baby. Guddan, Akshat, Charulatha and Saraswati gather there and laugh. Charulatha says that she is going to apply oil. Saraswati says that she ordered imported oil for the baby so she should apply it. They are arguing when Akshat shouts to stop. He says that he will apply the oil. Everybody keeps arguing. Guddan wonders how to handle this situation. She thinks and gets an idea. She makes everyone quiet and says that she will decide who will apply oil on the baby and massage her. She says that Charulatha will massage the baby first because she is the eldest. She asks everybody to sanitize their hands first. Everybody does that and then Charulatha applies oil on the baby.

Ganga comes and says that they can be as happy as they want but now a sad news is about to come. Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Akshat get a message and they get shocked seeing that it’s the photo of the baby in the basket. Guddan notices that they are all shocked and asks if they won lottery together. She is about to grab his mobile but Akshat drops the mobile. Guddan asks him if he is hiding something. Durga says that they just got a whatsapp forward about the coronavirus situation and they got tensed since there is still no vaccine found. Guddan is touched with all the care the family is showing towards the baby. Guddan suggests to do naamkaran of the baby with the family members only. Charulatha agrees.

Guddan takes the baby away to give her a shower. Akshat asks the family who dared doing such a thing talking about the picture. Everybody denies doing anything. Akshat says that he will find it out. Ganga  says that this was just the trailer and the climax will come during the naamkaran when the baby will lose her family.

Episode ends