Harphoul Mohini 27th September 2022 Written Update: Mohini opens dispensary in the village


Harphoul Mohini 27th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Mohini asks Prabha to listen her once. Prabha tells her that she won’t believe her excuses. Harphoul says that Mohini is a nurse and she is not trying to become a doctor. He says that this job is Mohini’s passion. Maai asks Prabha to give chance to Mohini to explain her point. Ragini asks her to stop defending Mohini. Devyani reminds Susheela that the latter lost her child because of Mohini. She tells Mohini that she is not scared of her. She asks Meenu that if the latter will take responsibility if anybody died due to Mohini’s treatment.

Villagers says that Mohini is not a doctor so they can’t let her treat them. Maai scolds them for not trusting Mohini. Mohini promises to not do anything which she should not do. Balwant’s men says that they should destroy the dispensary. Mohini asks them that why they want to destroy the dispensary. Balwant’s men throws dispensary board saying that they don’t believe Mohini. Harphoul catches the board.

Balwant enjoys seeing all the chaos. Mohini asks Harphoul to not fight. Devyani instigates Prabha against Mohini’s family. Prabha tells Mohini that this dispensary can’t be open no matter what. SP asks them to stop the drama. Balwant wonders that what SP doing there. Balwant’s men escapes from there. Prabha tells SP that illegal thing happening in the village. SP tells her that she should have talked to Doctor before accusing Mohini.

District Doctor of HOD tells Prabha that he gave permission to Mohini to open the dispensary. Mohini recalls that how SP made her give interview to Doctor. Doctor tells Prabha that he interviewed Mohini. He says that he assigned Mohini as nurse of the dispensary. He says that Doctor will be assigned there soon. He informs her that he can send Mohini’s appointment letter to her and disconnects the call.

Mohini says that she will send critical patients in an ambulance. Prabha tells her that she overreacted without knowing the complete truth. She scolds Devyani for wasting her time and leaves from there. Mohini’s family and Saroj sees the live telecast of inauguration ceremony. Saroj tells Harphoul that he took the best nurse with him.

SP gives scissors to Mohini. Mohini cuts the ribbon. Everyone claps. Harphoul thinks that SP comes in between them always. Harphoul and SP puts the dispensary board. Everyone claps for SP. Mohini thanks SP. Harphoul tells SP that the latter taking credit without doing anything. Maai distributes sweets to everyone. She spots Sharda there. She tells her that Mohini will handle everything. SP asks Harphoul to not get angry always. Harphoul argues with him. SP warns him. Mohini asks Harphoul to calm down. Harphoul talks about kabadi match. He challenges SP. SP accepts the challenge.

Later, Mohini tells Harphoul that SP helped them. Harphoul tells her that SP is an outsider. She tells him that he must be thinking about her same. He tells her that she started loving Haryana and she is one of them. She tells him that Haryana is also special for her like Kerala. She says that she likes Haryana people too.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banwari tells Balwant that there is no papers exists against him. Abhimanyu gives few papers to Maai saying that Mohini found them when cleaning the dispensary.

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