Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Surili and Shiv take responsibility of Mohit!


Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 22nd September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohit prays to god for Shiv’s recovery. Rani says now god has to listen to you. Surili and everyone pray to god. Maan comes and says doctor said blood has been arranged, they got a donor. They all get hopeful and doctor says Shiv is out of danger. Rani asks about the Donor. Doctor says Samar, they both had same blood structure, blood group. They all are shocked. Later, everyone gathers around Shiv. Shiv asks for Samar. Samar comes there and says I am really sorry Shiv, I couldn’t see the intentions and love of you all, I had so much of hatred inside me, I am really sorry. Shiv says I don’t blame you, I blame the situation, thanks for saving my life. Samar says you saved my life, now I know why this Ranak is crazy about you, I will always remember you. Samar says take care of yourself, come soon. Samar is about to leave when Mohit says I will miss you. Samar says I will miss you too, don’t trouble anyone okay. Samar leaves.

Rani watches her mahal set back to normal. Rani stops Samar from leaving. Rani says you came to put a place for Suchitra, I acknowledge that, I see a Barot in you and I want you to use Barot in your name. Surili says thank you Samar for saving Shiv, I will never forget this, I am sorry for what I said in anger. Samar says no, I should apologise, I realised that goodness always win and we shouldn’t have hate. Raghav says let’s forget past. Everyone thanks him. Samar says now I am able to understand the importance of togetherness and family. Samar says you all accepted me after everything, I have told police everything I will pay for my bad deeds, I am not a bad person. Samar calls Rani as Maa. Rani says Samar I have 5 sons from today. Everyone gets emotional and smile. Rani says I am the luckiest, hug me before leaving. Samar hugs Rami. They share an emotional moment. They cry and then Samar takes a leave. Shiv stops Samar and asks him not to apologise, as these things go on between brothers, you need to give a hand in business and Mahal. They hug and Samar takes leave. Suddenly, all the family members come outside to bid Samar bye.

Samar takes blessings of Rani and leaves. Shiv says Roshni I can never forgive you for your lies and how you wanted to separate me and Surili. Roshni says I am sorry my intentions were not wrong. Shiv says I can’t even look at your face. Shiv leaves. Roshni asks Surili to forgive her and asks her to understand. Roshni says it’s not easy to forget your first child and first love, but today I don’t have any bad intentions for you and Shiv, please forgive me. Surili says you did wrong but I am no one to forgive someone.

Roshni asks Rani to accept Mohit. Rani says he is already family. Roshni says he needs a family like you all. Surili also says I happily accept Mohit and he will always get his respect and love here in this Mahal. Roshni is happy and emotional. Roshni thanks Surili. Roshni comes to Shiv as she is leaving. Roshni says I am leaving Mohit here, I am sorry once again. Mohit comes and says you will come to visit me right? Roshni says yes I will, you won’t trouble Surili and Shiv. Mohit days promise. Roshni says bye. Roshni leaves. Shiv and Surili spend some alone time. Shiv praises Surili and thanks her for her efforts. They hug and embrace their presence with each other. Later, Surili is shown to take the responsibilities of a Rani and encourages girls to take admission in good college. Rani praises Surili and her way of dealing things. Raghav tells them all about their new deal. Maan’s book becomes bestseller and Sam gets admission into international music college. They all celebrate the achievements and take a family picture.

The end.