Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 17th December 2023 Written Update: Kuldeep and Heer dance together


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The episode ends with Kuldeep saying he will shower all the love to Heer and hopes just like she loves her family, she will love his family too. Beant Singh tells Heer that he feels Kuldeep will keep her happy throughout the life and says he is proud of her choice. Heer feels apologetic for lying about Kuldeep being her choice. Kuldeep and Heer dance on Apna Bana le Piya. Ranjeet looks on and Navjot taunts him by saying that he should see dreams of his level so that he doesn’t have to suffer like this. Kuldeep and Heer perform romantically and everyone applauds for them.

Beant Singh blesses Heer and Kuldeep. She hugs him. Rajwinder announces that she feels like keeping Heer there and not letting her go but they need to wait for two days. She invites the guests for mehendi ritual next day. Heer again apologises to Jarnail for what happened and says she just wants to get justice for her friend Naina and hopes he will understand her. Ranjeet hugs Jarnail and warns him that next time if he tries to raise hand on Heer, he will detach his hands.

Rajwinder tells Teji that she should not leave Jarnail alone. Teji goes to room and looks for Jarnail. She gets call from women welfare association and puts on loudspeaker. She gets update that their protest was effective and now all are finding Naina. Jarnail hears the same and confronts Teji. He ends up saying that police will put him behind the bars. Teji questions his strange behavior and asks if he knew Naina. Jarnail denies knowing her . Teji says she will not leave him if anything happens to their children because of his actions. She requests him to tell her if he is connected to Naina. Jarnail angrily says he doesn’t have anything to do with Naina and leaves.

Naina’s friend enters Heer’s function and thinks he has to make the pendrive with video reach Heer. Minister calls Jarnail and warns him about canceling deal as well his ticket to party if he is involved in Naina’s matter. Ranjha tells Heer that Beant Singh had relief in his smile. Naina’s friend purposely makes Heer’s bag fall and puts the pendrive inside it. Navjot scolds Heer for taking action against Atwals. She worries about losing both house and Beant Singh if anything goes wrong.

Heer thinks unless she finds Naina she will not feel relived. When she picks her bag to take phone, she gets the pendrive. But it shows error when she tries to play it. Fuse goes off and Heer fails to see the clip. Gurmeet tells Heer that he will use Atwal’s connection to go to Canada. But Heer says otherwise. Jasmin changes the pendrive to practice dance. The actual pendrive falls down. Ranjha asks Heer how she is. Heer rather questions why is he being so formal when they just while ago. Heer tells him to focus on Naina now. The episode ends with Heer telling the way Jarnail reacted to purple color was weird and the story told by Rajwinder seemed fake.