Imlie 10th February 2023 Written Update: Chini cancels her wedding with Abhishek


Imlie 10th February 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini asking Arto if he started hating her and started loving Imlie. Arto says Imlie is just his friend. He adds Imlie saved both their lives otherwise their life would have got ruined after marriage. Arto tells Chini she will understand his point later. Chini keeps accusing Imlie for everything. She says Arto is breaking her heart because she ditched him. Arto tries to make her understand that she was never his love. She says she hates Imlie. There Rathods select jewels to gift Chini. Rupy says she will miss her a lot. Arpita and Sundar also show their concern for Chini. Imlie hears their talk and thinks they love Chini so much but the latter doesn’t care about their emotions at all. She prays Chini will not disappoint them.

Anu and Kia taunt Imlie during the wedding. Imlie says they should save their energy as it will be used later. Chini asks Arto if he is really rejecting his hookline. He says he didn’t love her but he fell in love with her confidence. But love doesn’t happen this way. It happens gradually with time with the real person. He says Chini will remain a good memory for him but he can’t love her. He leaves and Chini collapses. She thinks she lately understood she also loves Arto. But now nothing can happen.

Everyone waits for Chini in the mandap. Chini recalls her moments with Arto and Imlie whispers in her air that she doesn’t love Abhishek then why she wants to marry him. Chini sits beside Abhishek and the latter compliments her look. Chini gets up saying she can’t marry Abhishek. Imlie thinks if Chini is finally doing the right thing. Chini says she doesn’t love Abhishek but the latter says his one sided love is enough for them. Chini says she got a lesson and now she cant commit the big mistake.

Abhishek pleads her not to reject him. He promises he will never do charity again. He will even handover the property to Chini. Rudra and Devika feel bad for Abhishek and Rathods. Rudra says Chini hurt her family and Abhishek’s family both who had hopes from her. Chini says she only used to give importance to money but now she doesn’t care about it anymore. She says she is also in love and now her heart is broken. She can understand Abhishek’s feelings as like him she also wants to get Arto by losing everything. She confesses that she loves Arto. Everyone gets shocked hearing that.

Chini comes to Arto saying she can go to any extent to get him. Rupy slaps Chini saying how dare she talks like that about her sister’s husband. Chini says she is not afraid to express her true feelings. She says sorry to Abhishek for realising her feelings late. She asks for his forgiveness. Arto says he already cleared out that he doesn’t love Chini now. Chini says she can’t accept Arto’s rejection as it has shattered her completely. She extinguishes the hawan fire and walks out. Everyone looks at her.

Episode ends.

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