Imlie 11th June 2022 Written Update: Aryan allows Harry to stay in Rathod Mansion


Imlie 11th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie asking God that who is manipulating Aryan, he is not someone who will come under anyone’s influence easily but that person is really clever. She just wants some clue. Imlie then finds the torn part of the cheque and wonders how it came here.

It means Madhav’s attacker is staying in Rathore Mansion. Jyoti comes and Imlie hides the cheque seeing her. Jyoti says she is really disturbed for Imlie and Aryan. She can’t even meditate properly. She feels like Imlie and Aryan will get separated like her and Harry.

Imlie replies these arguments are common and nothing will go wrong between them. Why Jyoti is not thinking positively? Jyoti says same thing happened with her and Harry but she felt she should have taken someone’s help earlier. Imlie thinks Jyoti is right and she will take help from someone to solve the issues.

Jyoti says Imlie will take help from whom. She sees Aryan and lies to him that Harry wants to spend some more time with her so can he stay with her in Rathore mansion? Aryan says he doesn’t have any problem if she wants to sort things out with Harry.

They can stay here as long as they want. Narmada knits sweater for Imlie’s baby and Narmada provokes her saying Imlie is giving lot of money behind Madhav’s treatment. Arpita scolds her for always talking ill against Imlie when the latter never disrespects anyone in the family.

Imlie sees the cheque and thinks who can hurt Madhav in such a way. Aryan comes inside his room and looks at Imlie. Imlie thinks even Aryan won’t be her partner in this matter. She tries to close the window but she fails and Aryan helps her. Aryan holds her hand but she leaves ignoring him.

They think about each other that how to convince each other into believing what they think is true right now. They maintain an awkward silence and go to sleep. Later they see a dream where they spend time together and hug each other. Next morning they wake up and find each other in their arms. They leave the room.

Jyoti asks Harry to stay with her until her aim is achieved. Harry says he will kill himself before killing Imlie, She threatens to hurt his parents along with Nargis. Later Gudiya shouts and asks for the house helps who are missing right now. They think now who will cook for them and do the household work.

Imlie comes in disguise of a maid and introduces herself as Kairi. She says Imlie is her friend and called her here. Everyone laughs seeing her style of talking. Imlie scares Gudiya showing her teeth and Jyoti thinks it means Imlie wants to take help from Kairi thats why she called her here. Jyoti says but she is smarter than her and she will never get caught.

Precap- Aryan tells Imlie to open the door and panics. Imlie gets worried seeing that outside. Aryan tries to break the door to see what Imlie is doing inside.

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