Imlie 14th June 2022 Written Update: Kairi distracts Aryan by dancing around him


Imlie 14th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kairi asking Jyoti she kept fast then why she wants to eat. Jyoti asks how comes she knows about that. Kairi replies Imlie told her. Jyoti says she told her to serve food to her ex husband. She adds she is keeping fast for Aryan and Imlie’s better future.

They will be parents soon so it’s for their peaceful life and Universe will make them happy. Aryan takes the pasta bowl and goes to find Imlie to give her that. Kairi gets nervous and says she will give Imlie that. He doesn’t need to go there. She takes the bowl from him but he says he wants to talk to his wife, why she is stopping him. Kairi thinks she can’t let him go to their room.

Arpita tells Kairi to go to Imlie. Kairi goes to check the sandals again and finds Jyoti’s sandal and the footprint also gets matched. Imlie gets happy. Aryan comes and asks Kairi to pick the bowl and give that to Imlie without wasting time. She blocks his way everytime he tries to enter his room. She asks for some tips as she made tasty pasta.

Aryan says he only had two bites. She forces and he gives her two thousand rupees note. She thinks now what she can do stop him. She asks him to look at her with love. He feel weird and she dances around him on Meri Jaan song. He gets pissed at one point and ties her with a white cloth. She can’t move and gets scared thinking now she will get caught as Aryan won’t find Imlie in the room. Aryan goes inside and calls Imlie. Someone is standing in Imlie’s clothes and Aryan tells her to eat food without taking out her anger on it.

Kairi gets shocked and thinks that can’t be Imlie. She confronts the person and gets shocked on finding Sundar there in her saree. Sundar says he caught her the time he tasted the pasta she made. It was awful and a disaster, it reminded him of Imlie’s pasta which she made in the past. So he understood that she is not Kairi but Imlie. He made the tasty pasta today, not she. Imlie says it means the credits belong to him.

Sundar asks her the reason why she is playing double role, to which she says everything about Aryan’s reports and his doubt on Madhav. Sundar says he can understand Aryan’s situation as it must have been very tough for him to accept the fact that he is infertile and in that case his anger can be justified.

Sundar adds but he knows Imlie much before than he knows Aryan so he will support her only. She thanks him and she will learn the truth for sure as Madhav is innocent. Sundar goes to his room to change his get up and Arpita catches him. She laughs staring at him and says she wants Imlie to see it as he is looking very funny wearing that wig.

Jyoti loses her cool as she couldn’t get to eat, she imagines food in front of her and injures Harry with knife. Harry says he is not her servant so she should get food for herself, he wont bring for her. Jyoti threatens him to bring her food else she will kill him. She can’t tolerate if she can’t get anything she wants.

Imlie sees the the sandal she found earlier is not there, she searches for it and then Harry puts the same sandals on a plate and says he will serve this to Jyoti instead of food. He tries to teach her a lesson and Imlie sees him. She thinks why Jyoti suddenly started trusting her ex husband when he wronged her. She thinks of keeping an eye on him.

Arpita asks Kairi where is Imlie and the latter says she doesn’t know. Arpita goes to the kitchen to search for her and Imlie tells Sundar why he couldn’t stop Arpita now she will get caught by her. Imlie meets Arpita hurriedly after changing her look and says she was excercising.

Arpita takes her to Sundar and Imlie teases him by calling him Sundari. She says Sundar can give hair ads. Aryan comes and tells Imlie go to their room as he has something important to talk about. Imlie leaves with him. Aryan closes the door and she says why he is showing attitude for no reason. He doesn’t even laugh on her jokes. He says he will show her something.

Prcap- Imlie sees someone is walking wearing the same sandals. Aryan shows her the sleeping pills which he thinks Madhav brought that day. Jyoti disappears before Imlie sees her.

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