Imlie 16th April 2024 Written Update: Nirmala creates a misunderstanding between Surya and Imlie.

Imlie 16th April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie and starts washing dishes. Hemalata wants to help but Imlie refuses her. Nirmala tells Malti to bring more clothes of Surya to irritate Imlie . Nirmala keeps Imlie’s photographs in Surya’s pocket. Imlie starts washing clothes and finds her photographs. Nirmala picks up all the photographs and taunts Imlie that Surya loves his wife so much and one day he will ask his wife for her love.

Surya calls Anjali and asks her what she mixes in his drink. Anjali tells Surya that she hasn’t mixed anything in the juice. Anjali learns from Surya that because of that drink he has faced lots of difficulties and met with an accident. Anjali tells Surya that she is coming to see her.

Hemalata tells Imlie that Nirmala is just irritating her. Hemalata tells Imlie that trust Surya and give more time in their relationship. Imlie tells Hemlata that one day Surya will ask for his husband’s rights but she doesn’t trust Surya. Surya feels on Imlie accidentally and Imlie slaps him. Imlie tells Surya that nothing can happen between them. Arjun sees that Imlie slaps Surya. Imlie starts crying. Surya feels a little bit broken. Anjali arrives to see Surya and she brings pasta for Surya. Surya tells Anjali to return. Anjali tells her to clarify that Imlie takes care of him. Anjali tells Surya that he is wasting time for Imlie. Surya tells Anjali to leave him alone because he doesn’t want her and Imlie to pay him respect.

Imlie has a finger cut while cutting vegetables. Arjun tells Imlie that he has called her brother because Surya has fought for his family for her. Arjun tells Imlie that she hasn’t found out why he fights with others. Arjun tells Imlie about his school incident . Arjun tells Imlie that ladies are secure because Surya supports ladies. Arjun tells Imlie that Surya was trying to save himself and fell down on him. Arjun tells Imlie that she hasn’t slap Surya.

Imlie tells Surya that she wants to help him to take the medicine. Surya starts packing his clothes. Imlie wants to help him but Surya refuses to take her help. Surya tells Arjun that he wants to stay in his room for few days and help him to pack. Imlie ask Surya why he hadn’t told her yesterday that she came to take the food and he was about to fall. Surya tells Imlie that he has told me her earlier also. Imlie accepts her fault and asks Surya to slap her. Surya tells Imlie that he doesn’t want ladies to get scared of him. Surya learns from Indira that she has got an invitation from Ram Navami and she wants him to go. Hemalata tells Indira that Imlie will also join Surya. Surya refuses to take her. Indira tells Surya that she will join him.

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