Imlie 17th February 2022 Written Update: Aryan gets worried for Imlie


Imlie 17th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling the brothel head that she is a reporter and she wants to interview them. The head pushes Imlie away and the latter asks her she can’t treat her like that, she will call her team here. Brothel head says you can’t leave without my permission. She instructs her men and they lock Imlie with another prostitute. The lady says Imlie has made a huge mistake by coming to this place now she has no other way. She has to sell her dignity her soul every day like everyone does here.

Imlie says noone can trap her here. She gets shocked to know its Mirchi Bazaar. She knocks on the door continuously and then she breaks the window glass and shouts at the head prostitute saying she has to free her else she will call the police. Aryan feels worried for Imlie and he checks his phone again and again. He thinks why Imlie is not texting him back to tell him she reached or not. Malini asks him to concentrate on their meeting. He gave her the appointment and now he is not showing interest.

Aryan says he has various important jobs to handle and he is not looking at her doesn’t mean he is not listening what she is saying. Malini tells About Aditya and Imlie’s affair from the start. Imlie searches for network and calls Aryan. Aryan cuts the call thinking why Imlie is calling him despite knowing he is with Malini now. Aryan sees Imlie didn’t give reply to his text but calling him. He finds something wrong. One person enters and snatches Imlie’s phone.

He tells her to get ready fast without wasting time. The another prostitute tells Imlie not to have false hope as its of no use. She did the same like Imlie many years ago but nothing worked. She eventually gave up and decided to experience death every day. Imlie tries to give her courage that she is not alone and she also should not give up. She can come out of this hell. The prostitute says Imlie should not motivate her as nothing can happen now. She is trapped. Imlie says she will get ready for sure but will do her job by exposing these people’s evil activities. Imlie fits a camera on her necklace after getting ready.

Aryan says how come Malini is sure right now Imlie is not with Aditya. Malini says Imlie left for her assignment. Aryan asks her how does she know about that. Malini replies she heard from someone in the house. Aryan can’t stop worrying so he goes to call Imlie but the latter doesn’t pick up. He thinks Imlie is busy in interview. He is overthinking.

Suraj calls Aditya and asks him about Imlie as she is not answering the calls and hasn’t reached the location yet. Aditya thinks Imlie is spending time with Aryan so he says he has no idea where she is. Aditya gets the broker’s call and learns he got a house to stay there on rent. Aparna asks him does he want to leave for real? Aditya says he can’t tell her to leave her daughter Imlie so he is leaving the house. Aparna feels upset.

Imlie comes out of the room with the man and decides to hit his knee but he turns back, then she acts like falling down and fixes the hidden knife on her feet. She follows him and notices the head is torturing other girls. She thinks she has to save every girl here. Imlie is asked to give a dance performance forcibly else the other girls will get tortured. One customer waits for her and Imlie is about to dance but her camera falls down. The head slaps her for trying to be oversmart. The customer says he wants Imlie and she gets shocked.

Precap- Imlie threatens the customer to back off in the locked room. She tries to stab him. He comes towards her and removes his face cover.

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