Imlie 18th December 2022 Written Update: Chini leaves Rana House


Imlie 18th December 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Arto driving the car and he recalls Chini’s words. He spots Imlie and stops the car. He sits beside her and asks her what happened to her? Why she looks upset? Imlie tells him to leave her but he replies he can’t lose everything. He asks her to act normal and talk about love etc. She says he should not speak about love. He says he is fed up with the word love too. He is already disturbed from the morning so not now. Imlie says he spoiled her habits. She leaves and Arto goes after her. Chini thinks Arto is so attached with her, he might come again.

Abhishek comes to meet her and says since she waited for him, she wants to spend time with him too. She asks him why he is late. Abhishek replies he helped one lady in midway, she says he is trying to make her jealous. He gifts her a neckpiece and she gets impressed. She says yes to him for marriage and makes her wear the necklace. She says she is different and he is special too. They will keep going on dates. Chini tries to leave with her belongings and Rudra gets shocked seeing that. He asks her what she is upto? He gets happy anyway with her exit. Kia asks Chini why the latter is leaving? Chini says she knows Kia joined hand with her for her own benefit so she should stop acting.

Chini says she can’t stay here forever so she is leaving. Imlie sees Chini is leaving and asks her why is she going? Chini says she thought of moving on with the guy Rathods chose for her. Imlie hugs her. Arto comes there and Chini gets irked. Arto asks her why is she leaving? Rudra tells him to support Chini’s right decision. Chini leaves and Arto tries to talk to Imlie saying she is behaving indifferent but she goes inside the house. Arto leaves and Imlie comes out thinking she wants to first console herself then she will face him.

Imlie picks Chini’s bracelet and wonders whose it is. Chini notices her bracelet is missing and she recalls she dropped it near the restaurant and Arto picked it maybe like a sad lover. She goes back to Rana House but hesitates to ask about her bracelet seeing Imlie. She hugs Imlie and lies that she came here to tell she will miss her. Arto is sitting in dark room and Imlie asks him if he wants to tell her anything? He says finally she came to him. Imlie says she became desperate to meet him and she promised to be with him on Karwachauth then why he didn’t tell her the truth? She confessed her love to him then too he was quite. She came to ask him again for the last time but he is silent. He asks what would he tell? She says that he doesn’t love her. He gets shocked and she says she overheard his talk that he loves someone else. She says she lost her support system when her parents died but this time she cried more than that. He made her fall in love and he tries to explain. She says he didn’t even understand her a bit. She would have left him if he once told her that he can’t love her. Why he made her cry?

Precap- Imlie spots Chini hugging Arto. She slaps Chini saying why these two cheated her like that whom she trusted a lot.

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