Imlie 20th January 2022 Written Update: Imlie gets caught by some mysterious folks


Imlie 20th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Narmada saying Aryan will do something for sure. Aparna asks her how can she worry for Aditya and Imlie when her own son is in trouble. Narmada says Aryan did right but going with Imlie so it’s better he is trying his best instead of living in guilt. Narmada says hope Aryan saves the innocent lives. Malini says Imlie is stupid thus she went to Pagdandiya with her boyfriend and she can’t save Aditya neither Aryan is willing to save him. Imlie will land in trouble and she will bring trouble for Aditya too. Nishant shuts Malini up but the latter keeps ranting that noone cares about her pain.

Imlie jumps from the roof of the bus and Aryan says how can she be so desperate and she jumped without even thinking. Imlie says she doesn’t have much time. Aryan also jumps which surprises Imlie. She advises him to walk to reach the village on time. A black cat crosses the street and Imlie says its a bad omen. Aryan tells her not to feel so. Imlie says she feels like her loved one is in danger. But they continue to walk in the woods and Aryan wants to book a cab but she stops him.

Dev comes to Tripathi house and Malini asks him whom he sent for Aditya’s safety. Dev says he sent Imlie to Pagdandiya for Aditya and villager’s safety. Malini gets shocked to hear that and she argues with him that how can he send a senseless girl like Imlie instead of sending some responsible police officers. Dev explains that Imlie is his daughter as well and he asks Tripathis to trust him as he believes Imlie will solve everything. Malini says she doesn’t want to talk to Dev, everyone just loves Imlie. She breaks tea cups in anger and leaves. Sundar goes to make tea again. Dev apologises to Tripathis on Malini’s behalf.

Aryan says they are walking for a long time but didn’t reach Pagdandiya yet. Imlie says after 15 kms they will be near the village. He drops his coat and picks it up. Imlie encounters some folks and calls him. Aryan tries to protect Imlie but those folks call Imlie as some kind of Avatar. They utter some words and show respect to Imlie but she says she belongs to Pagdandiya not to their community. Aryan says they are coming from Delhi but Imlie walks with the folks which annoys Aryan. Aryan asks her why she is trusting these people instead of saving the villagers.

Dulari gets kidnapped by the Atanki’s men. Aditya and Tripathis get shocked seeing her. Dulari pleads the Atank to free her but he threatens to kill her. Malini says Aditya should accept the Atanki’s demands. Aparna says Aditya can’t betray his country by supporting the Atank. Malini says she needs her child’s father as safe so she is thinking about Aditya. She taunts Rupy saying the latter thinks Imlie is a superwoman who can do anything but she is a normal girl who is out on a date with her boyfriend Aryan. Aparna scolds Malini for taunting them without doing anything for Aditya.

Aparna says Imlie and Aryan are doing their job but Malini is doing nothing but complaining. She should support her family but she filed a complaint against Imlie which was wrong. Malini looks on. Aditya finally agrees to listen to the Atank. Aparna hopes Imlie has to reach Pagdandiya as soon as possible. Malini feels Aditya took the right decision. Suddenly the live feed goes blank. There Imlie and Aryan reach a place in the woods where many folks are standing.

Precap – Aryan shouts at the folks and tells Imlie why she didn’t come with him in his car. The men try to attack Aryan with their weapons.