Imlie 20th November 2022 Written Update: Chini plans to ruin Atharv’s efforts


Imlie 20th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Imlie assuring Arto that he will bring back the producer for him, he doesn’t need to worry. Rudra tells Devika that music is just made for hobby and hopefully Arto will understand this soon as Imlie came into his life. Chini joins them saying she agrees with him. Rudra says they dont share family matters with outsiders. Arto has many other hopeless hobbies which he needs to get rid of and Imlie will keep his life on track.

Chini gets offended. She goes to receive a parcel and gets a medicine, she gets angry thinking it means Arto fell sick but he was quite to save Imlie, its more irritating. Imlie makes Arto take the medicine and says she doesn’t want to leave him alone in this state, but she has no choice. Arto tells her to go carefully.

Chini comes to him and says how can he just cover up what Imlie did. She can’t believe he ate the spiked food. He asks her how come she knows that. Chini makes excuse that she found an empty bottle in the kitchen and she was really worried when he ate the Dalia, she couldn’t stop him in front of all but Imlie should have stopped him. He missed his meeting because of her. Arto says Imlie went to bring the producer home and he trusts that she will succeed. Chini feels jealous.

Anu arrives at Rathore Mansion and tells about taking Chini’s luggage and Arpita says Chini will not stay in Rana house for whole life but she is a guest there. Anu says that’s their thought but they will soon know what will happen. Rupy asks her not to teach wrong things to Chini else there will be consequences. Anu says Chini will be happy in future. Imlie meets the producer at the office but he looks uninterested to listen to Arto’s music saying he is late and he doesn’t want to hear any excuses like how kids give. Imlie tries to explain but fails.

She disguises herself as driver and drives the car of the producer. Her fake moustache comes out and the producer tells her to stop the car. Imlie convinces him a lot that he won’t be disappointed with Arto’s music, if it’s wrong then he may send her to jail. Producer gets impressed seeing her love for her husband. Chini gives juice to Arto and asks him not to wait for Imlie, she won’t be able to bring the producer here. She already ruined his career. Arto says he doesn’t want to lose hope.

Arto gets shocked seeing Imlie in driver’s get up, she cracks a joke that the producer was fed up after waiting for a long time. She then surprises Arto by welcoming Mr Mehta. Arto gets overjoyed and shares her happiness with Imlie. Chini gets shocked. Arto greets Mr Mehta and introduces him to this family. Imlie goes to prepare food for the producer. Arto asks her how did she convince the producer. Imlie says she can tell him later as she is not going anywhere. If he was in her place he would have done the same. Chini notices them.

Imlie prays to God so that Arto gets the project from Mr Mehta. Chini says she will make sure Arto doesn’t get any project because of Imlie. Rana’s feed Mr Mehta and involve him in unnecessary talks. Arto tells them to control as it’s a meeting not a kitty party. Imlie helps Arto and he thanks her. Kia tells Chini that if Imlie and Arto get closer like this then Chini should worry for that. Arto makes the set up to play the music but the pendrive doesn’t work. He gets tensed and then Chini recalls how she exchanged it.

Precap- Arto tells Imlie to go on a date with him and Chini makes her ready and selects a saree. Chini says this will be her first and last date with Arto.

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