Imlie 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Arto rebukes Imlie for not taking care of Chini

Imlie 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Imlie telling Chini to get some rest. Imlie leaves and Arto comes inside the room secretly. He asks Chini how is she? Why she didn’t tell him she is not okay. Chini says she will take medicine and take rest. Else someone will find them together and will doubt their love for no reason. Arto says he doesn’t want to leave her alone but she says she is fine.

Chini talks to the organiser saying it’s her sister’s first date so she will decorate the set up for her and Arto. Imlie says this was not needed. Chini says she wants to make it special for Arto and Imlie both. Imlie helps Chini and the latter instructs her to do the things she is telling her. Chini acts like falling sick and Imlie tells her to sit. Imlie follows her instructions to finish the decoration and says she is getting nervous. Chini says it’s her first date so this is normal. She tells Imlie to do her touch up before Arto sees the surprise.

Chini thinks Imlie doesnt know what is going to happen with her. Arto will get a huge shock. Arto comes in and he stares at Imlie romantically, she also slowly goes towards him. Arto says Imlie is ruining his habits, she can turn the impossible into possible and doing so many things for him.

She even turned this date into surprise. He orders Imlie’s favourite food to the waiter. She asks him how does he know what is her favourite food? He says he asked Arpita about that. Not only she but he is also good at impressing her. Imlie’s dream ends. Arto comes to the decoration area and Chini turns off the light. She goes near the switch board and pours water on floor. Arto notices her and there Imlie tries to fix the fuse. Arto saves Chini from getting electrocuted.

Arto scolds Imlie for being overly dressed and also for decorating the hotel for no reason. Chini lies that she came here to help Imlie. Imlie says she had no idea about dates and all so she took Chini’s help. Arto says Imlie disappointed her a lot, she failed to take care of Chini and this is not a date. He just wanted to take her to dinner and he did so. Now if anything happened to Chini what would he answer her family. Imlie gets disheartened and Arto leaves in anger. They reach home.

Chini shares with Anu how their plan worked. Anu asks her to keep working on their plan. Chini says once Arto gets the property, she will get married to him. Rudra overhears Chini and scolds her for trying to make excuse. Chini says she feels bad for him as noone is with him. Arto will also support her only. Rudra says she can only talk. She says he didn’t learn from his mistakes. He should bless her as she is his would be daughter in law. Rudra says Imlie is his bahu. Not she.

Episode ends

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