Imlie 2nd July 2022 Written Update: A distressed Imlie attacks Jyoti


Imlie 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jyoti asking Aryan where is Imlie and why she is not going to the temple. Aryan says she is taking rest so why does Jyoti have problem with that? Jyoti replies it’s important for Imlie to go out during pregnancy. She should not take rest all the time. Imlie comes and says Jyoti is right, she will accompany them. They open the door and suddenly find some goons who are pointing gun at them. Everyone gets shocked and Imlie cuts the goon’s hand with knife.

Aryan and Sundar attack them but during the fight, goons makes Aryan unconscious and put him in the car. Imlie runs after the car to stop them but they disappear. Jyoti smirks seeing all of that. Imlie runs on the road during rainfall and then falls down. Narmada starts panicking and Arpita Sundar try to calm her down. Narmada says she wants her son back anyhow. How can someone just abduct him from his house?

Jyoti says why Universe is doing this to Aryan when he is an innocent soul. Imlie comes back and gets furious at Jyoti, She slaps the latter and drags her towards the temple. She threatens to kill Jyoti by trying to burn her face. Jyoti gets scared as hell.

Imlie asks her where is Aryan and where did she send him? Imlie angrily says she will kill her today if anything happens to her husband and she doesn’t listen to anybody. Nila asks Imlie to stop. Sundar stops Imlie and Nila asks her what proof she has against Jyoti? Imlie fails to answer anything and leaves.

Aryan reaches a place with the goons. They laugh at his status and makes fun of him. Aryan feels that they don’t know about him but Imlie was right that some conspiracy is going on for sure. They call Aryan as coward and he replies they should untie him once then he will beat them up.

They warn him not to say anything further. Imlie goes inside a room and cries saying everyone wants proof from her, how will she get it? But she has to save her child’s father too. She says she should have thought about it that Jyoti can harm Aryan as well. But she didn’t realise that.

The boss of the goons call someone to inform that their job is done. Harry comes out on his wheelchair in front of Imlie. Imlie pleads before him and asks him to tell about Aryan’s whereabouts. She says he tried to kill her still she is giving him one chance. She knows he is not a bad person inside but Jyoti is blackmailing him thus he is obeying her.

Imlie insists him to take stand for himself and choose the right path by helping her. He should not be under pressure but he should prove that he is a good person by standing up against Jyoti. Harry suddenly gets up from the wheelchair and Imlie is left shocked to see him perfectly fine. He says he has decided already that he will support Imlie and the right thing now. Aryan fails to see his surroundings as he is blindfolded.

Precap- Aryan attacks the goons strategically with his blindfolded eyes. He defeats one goon and then he opens his blindfold as well.

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