Imlie 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Imlie takes injured Atharv to the hospital

Imlie 2nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Chini hugging Arto and says society won’t support their love but she only belongs to him. He recalls how Imlie told him she is missing him. He says if God is with them then it doesn’t feel right to meet each other secretly. Chini says she knows too but they have no choice for now. She tries to get romantic with him Jatin comes there with his car and fumes seeing them. Atharv tells Chini to take care of herself. Jatin sees Arto is leaving. He thinks Arto is romancing with Chini leaving his wife alone. He will show his real status. He hits Arto with his car and Imlie also reaches there by her car.

Chini gets shocked seeing the accident and notices Jatin. She feels he is a psycho. Imlie gets stunned seeing Atharv’s injured body. She asks for help from local people but they take pictures of him. Imlie tells them to show some empathy and call the ambulance. They leave and Imlie recalls her marriage vows with Arto. She ties a dupatta with his leg and her leg. She holds him tightly and drags him to car.

Chini reaches home and Rupy confronts her. Rupy says she already told Chini can’t separate Arto and Imlie. Chini looks scared and Rupy asks her to tell what happened. Chini says Arto met with an accident and Imlie is with him. Rupy scolds her for leaving Atharv alone there. Later Chini receives threat from Jatin over call that if she takes his name then he will reveal to the world that she is having affair with Imlie’s husband. Chini gets afraid.

Imlie recites a poem to give herself motivation. She gets Arto admitted to hospital. She informs Rana’s about Arto’s accident and she also informs Police how a car hit Atharv. Arpita tells Chini to go to the hospital, Imlie will get strength from her. Chini says she feels uneasy in the hospital so she can’t go. Rupy taunts her for not showing concern for her love Arto. She says because of her Arto is in this state and Imlie’s was just married and she snatched her sister’s happiness. She forcibly takes Chini to the hospital.

Doctor says he is trying to stabilize Arto’s condition but he lost blood. Imlie gets upset and she cries hugging Chini. Imlie talks to the cops who thank her for informing them on time. They say the person got caught who hit Arto. They bring Jatin in front of all and Chini gets shocked seeing him. She feels now she will get exposed.

Precap- Arto tells Imlie that he used to thinks she is really sweet and innocent but in real she is a cheater and she cheated on him. He doesnt love her and he won’t stay with her in same room. Imlie is left shocked.

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