Imlie 30th November 2023 Written Update: Agastya rescues Bulbul


Imlie 30th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya tells Imlie that her Radha Rani doesn’t want that she goes alone to meet Billo. Agastya holds Imlie’s hand and drag her to his car. Agastya asks Imlie about Bulbul. Imlie tells Agastya that Bulbul is ill. Agastya tells Imlie that he will send his family doctor to check Bulbul . Imlie tells Agastya that she will give a head massage and she will be fine soon so no need of doctor required.

Imlie arrives her home and Agastya tells Imlie to go and meet Bulbul. Imlie walks slowly. Agastya tells Imlie that she doesn’t know how to lie and she is upset with him. Agastya tells Imlie that she is upset then she can fight with me . Agastya tells Imlie that he is trying to understand her. Imlie recalls that she has promised Navya that she will not attend the marriage because anyone can recognise her which will runied Navya’s image. Imlie tooks a promise from Navya that she will never say to anyone about this conversation.

Navya accepts Imlie’s request. Agastya tells Imlie that she can fight with him but she can’t punish Shivani and Amma ji because they both wants Imlie to attend the marriage. Imlie tells Agastya that he has forgotten that this is a contractual marriage. Imlie tells Agastya that it’s his family matter and she cares for her family not his family. Imlie tells Agastya that his family is way of earning for her that’s it . Agastya walks back to his car but he comes back.

Agastya tells Imlie that she doesn’t want to come at function no problem but he asks Imlie not to go anywhere. Pallo opens the door and sees Imlie. Pallo asks Imlie that she heard the voice of Agastya but he is not here. Imlie tells Pallo that he is gone. Pallo asks Imlie where is Bulbul. Imlie tells Pallo that she don’t know where is Bulbul. Pallo tells Imlie that Bulbul went to attend the function in Chaudhary Mansion. Imlie denies that Bulbul hasn’t come to attend any function. Pallo tells Imlie that Bulbul might went to meet her boyfriend.

Agastya meets with Imlie’s friend and he asks them why are they in so hurry. Agastya learns from Imlie’s friend that Bulbul is in a danger. Agastya arrives to Imlie’s home with her friends.

Navya tells Biswa that without his help she was unable to stop Imlie to attend Avi’s marriage. Biswa apologies Navya for not telling about Imlie. Biswa tells Imlie that Imlie is innocent and that’s the reason he doesn’t tells about Imlie. Navya reminds Biswa that his father was also innocent. Navya tells Biswa that Imlie is also their enemy like the Chaudhary’s. Navya tells Biswa that he will not allow any girl to interrupt her motive.

Imlie arrives to stop Bulbul jumping in the well. Bulbul tells Imlie that she will help her out. Bulbul tells Imlie that her boyfriend will not marry her and she tells Imlie that she will jump because nobody cares for her. Agastya tells Bulbul that she can jump and she is wasting her time because of Imlie. Agastya tells Bulbul that after she dies then her boyfriend will be in pain for 2 days only but her family will in pain forever.

Bulbul tells Agastya that nobody cares for and even didn’t give her any respect. Bulbul stops and tells Agastya how she will get respect. Bulbul tells Imlie that she is confused but Imlie tells Bulbul that they will find some way out to solve this problem.
Navya ans Biswa arrives Chaudhary Mansion to proceed the formalities of wedding. Amma ji tells Ranji to call Imlie and Agastya. Navya ans Biswa becomes worry but Shivani tells Amma ji that Imlie has gone to see his sister along with Agastya.

Pallo is happy to see Bulbul back safety and tells Bulbul that she will offer some special service. Pallo runs after Bulbul to beat her. Agastya and lmlie runs after then. Agastya finds a personal diary of Imlie. Agastya start reading the diary but Imlie stops him. Agastya tells Imlie that it is mention about him in the diary. Agastya starts reading the diary and Imlie trys stopping him to stop reading. Agastya reads all the qualities of himself but he gets to know a special quality of himself in the diary. Agastya continues to read her diary but Imlie couldn’t stop him. Agastya thanks Imlie for the compliments and Agastya gets to know that Imlie likes him. Imlie trys to snatch the diary and they both fell down in the bed. Agastya and Imlie gets a special feeling for themselves.

Precap-Bulbul thanks Agastya for saving her. Amma ji gets to know about Navya’s family.