Imlie 5th May 2021 Written Update: Dev gets into argument with Anu to support Imlie


Imlie 5th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya calling Imlie again. Imlie receives it. Anu tries to overhear their conversation from another landline phone. But Imlie gets surprised hearing Sundar’s voice. She asks Sundar you want to know where the spices are kept in the kitchen? Sundar smiles and says he just is worried for her whether Anu again misbehaved with her or not.

Imlie lies that she is getting all the luxuries and Anu even welcomed her with aarti thali. Aditya overhears their conversation from another landline. He gets emotional. Sundar tells Imlie that everyone is missing her a lot. Aditya thinks he is missing Imlie the most but can’t even tell this to Imlie. Aditya thinks Tripathis loved Imlie but at the end of the day they also didn’t support her. Imlie cuts the call.

Malini recalls her argument with Aditya and wipes her tears. Aditya comes and asks are you fine? Malini says she is alright, she took her medicines already. She then tells Aditya to make arrangements for sleeping. Malini says she will sleep on sofa. Aditya says he will go to Nishant’s room. Malini says I dont want to bother family. I can sleep on floor. Aditya says you know I won’t allow you to do that. Aditya then makes arrangements to sleep on floor. Malini thinks I thought Aditya will tell me to forget previous incident like a nightmare.
But he is ready to stay away from me.

Aditya says for work requirements I adjusted many times in several places. So I have no problem with sleeping on floor. Malini says in Pagdandiya also? Aditya recalls Imlie. Malini returns the honeymoon tickets to Aditya. She coughs and Aditya tries to give her water but Malini says she is fine. She sleeps. Aditya thinks Malini is really stressed. Aditya thinks I don’t know what will happen to me and Imlie but Malini deserves to be happy. Malini cries.

Imlie is about to go to college. Dev says I’ll drop you. Anu taunts Dev saying people know you in college that you are Malini’s father. How can you support Imlie when she is responsible for Malini’s suicide. Dev mom says stop blaming Imlie. Dev and Anu have a heated argument. Dev mom says why you two brought Imlie here if you argue with each other like this? Anu says your son brought her here, not me. I was just trying to send Imlie away from Malini. Imlie is home breaker, now she is trying to create misunderstanding between me and Dev.

Dev shuts Anu saying wish Malini could see your real face she wouldn’t have looked at your face again. Anu says she won’t feel proud to call you her father as well. Imlie says she will live in hostel. Anu tells then leave. What are you waiting for? Dev shouts and leaves with Imlie. Anu says she won’t forget how Dev insulted her today for Imlie.

Tripathis miss Imlie. Aditya refuses to have breakfast. Sundar tells Pankaj and Harish that he talked to Imlie. She is fine. Aparna says Imlie went to college maybe. Aditya thinks its the only way to meet Imlie when she will return from college.

Imlie’s classmates make fun of her. They say you came with garland or rose? Imlie says you all only misled me to commit the mistake. I was not responsible. One professor tells Imlie why you came without any guardian. You can be rusticated for your act. Imlie pleads her innocence before the professor saying she struggled a lot to reach here. She is really sorry for what happened. Professor says if someone ragged you, you can complaint about it. This college has zero tolerance policy against ragging. Imlie looks at those classmates.

Aparna tells Malini to have soup. Harish listens to same song. Radha and Harish tease each other. Seeing that Malini says I’ll miss these things a lot. Aparna asks what do you mean? Did Aditya tell you anything? Are you planning to leave? Malini makes excuse saying she got job offer of a guest lecturer from Mumbai. She might shift later. Tripathis feel relaxed. Malini thinks very soon she will leave this house and Aditya.

Precap- Anu catches Aditya and Imlie together. Anu misbehaves with Imlie saying I am not innocent you can’t fool me. Why Aditya came to college to meet you? What’s going on? Imlie cries. Dev’s mom stops Anu.

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