Imlie 9th December 2023 Written Update: Agastya fights with the killer.

Imlie 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie tells Bulbul she will not let her anything happen. Bulbul tells Imlie that how she asks for help because they don’t have the phone with them. Imlie asks Bulbul where is the cycle. Imlie tells Bulbul that she will go and asks for the help. Bulbul tells Imlie that how will be this possible. Imlie tells Bulbul that she will try to divert the killer because the killer is after him .

Agastya asks Sonali to help him. Sonali tells Agastya that he always gives important to himself they why he is wanting suggestions for her. Agastya tells Sonali that elder than him and as small brother he isbm requesting her .Sonali tells Agastya that he is lucky because he have Imlie with him. Sonali tells Agastya that Imlie will trust him always and will always with him forever.

Imlie talks with killer to divert the mind. Imlie asks the killer that why he is after her. The killer show a picture of her aunt . Imlie gets shock to see the picture and quietly gives the signal to Bulbul leave quietly. Imlie keeps on asking the killer and Bulbul slowly opens the gate. Bulbul takes the cycle while Imlie has diverted the killer on her conversation. Suddenly the cycle chain gets stuck and the killer hears the chains noise.The killer walks to Bulbul to kill her and Imlie tells at the killer that he is here to kill her and warn him not to touch Bulbul. The Killer tries to attack Bulbul but Imlie opens the gate and attacks the killer with wooden slab. The killer gets hurt and fell down. Imlie tells Bulbul to run with the cycle. The killer gets up and tries to attack Imlie but Imlie fights and defend herself from the killer. Imlie goes to back to her house and closed the door.

Navya gets worried and return back to her home . Navya tells Viswa that Amma ji is suspecting us. Avi tells Navya that Biswa is not here and he asks Navya about she is saying about suspects.

Bulbul comes to Chaudhary Mansion to asks for the help and keep knocking the door. Agastya opens the gate and asks Bulbul what happens. Bulbul tells Agastya that Imlie’s life is in danger. Agastya tells Bulbul that he is going to save Imlie and assure her that nothing will happen to her. Agastya immediately leaves and drives faster to save Imlie.

The killer tries to breaks the door with an axe and Imlie hides herself under the bed. The killer breaks the door and come inside. Imlie remembers that she has seen the same killer when she was a child. Imlie remembers that the killer has killed her aunt infront of her eyes.

Agastya is driving faster .
The killer pulls out Imlie under the bed and Imlie is trying to herself but the killer the her leg out of the bed. Imlie push the lantern which which breaks the fire around them. Agastya comes and search for Imlie. The house gets fire and Agastya push the killer and find Imlie lying in the floor unconsciously.

Agastya tells Imlie that hebis here to save him and fights with the killer but the Kiler runs away without fighting Agastya. Biswa comes with the police force to save Imlie and Agastya .
Biswa tells Imlie that the police wants to asks some questions about the killer. Imlie regrets ans tells Agastya that she will answer later. Agastya tells Biswa that she will talk to the police later. Biswa tells the police officer to go now . Imlie learns from Shivani that thanks to Bulbul they were able to save her. Imlie asks Shivani where is Bulbul. Agastya tells Imlie that Bulbul is fine. Agastya tells Sonali to console Imlie. Sonali tells Imlie that Bulbul has a miscarriage.

Bulbul tells Imlie that she is not happy for her miscarriage. Imlie tells Bulbul that her motherhood has been hurted that why she is not happy. Agastya tells Bulbul that he has not right to say anything. Agastya tells Bulbul that the guy she love is a coward. Agastya tells Bulbul to not allow that guy to enter her life further. Imlie tells Bulbul that she is a brave girl and they both fight together with the killer. Imlie tells Bulbul that she needs nobody to protect her . Karma tells Imlie that when he heard about Bulbul he returns back. Imlie tells Karam that Bulbul do not need her anymore.
Agastya tells Imlie that shebis not caring herself. Imlie tells Agastya that she already tells him that Bulbul is alone . Imlie tells Agastya that he will never trust her.

Precal-Imlie and Agastya is determined to expose the mask killer.

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