Imlie Upcoming Story: Aryan and Imlie to come face to face?


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Star Plus popular show Imlie witnessed a five years leap. In current track Imlie and Aryan lost their baby and they blamed each other for the loss. Viewers will get to see a lovely bond between Imlie and Cheeni. Soon Aryan will also meet Imlie in Pagdandiya. How will they react seeing each other after five years? It will be exciting to watch.

Previously it was shown that Girish tried to attack Chini when the latter was arguing with him. Aryan came to rescue Chini and he beat Girish. Chini’s words reminded Aryan of Imlie and he got happy.

Malini visited Rathod Mansion to give fake moral support and then she spiked the food so that they fall sick and Aryan comes back home immediately without meeting Imlie. Jaggu ruined her plan and she scolded him. She acted like she was just showing concern to him.

Later Imlie went to the lodge and Police thanked Aryan for saving Chini. Girish ran away and informed Malini that their plan flopped. Malini warned him to not reveal her name. Imlie got delighted seeing Chini.

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Chini and Imlie will go to meet Aryan. Imlie will knock on Aryan’s room door in the lodge. Aryan will see Imlie from behind and he will feel her presence. He will get Malini’s call and there Imlie will stop Chini from calling him saying he must be busy.

Aryan will recall some sweet memories of him and Imlie regarding the anklet of Imlie which he kept in his wallet. Chini will insist Imlie to go inside the temple but Imlie will deny as villagers told her not to enter temple five years ago. Its prohibited for them.

Chini will make the villagers understand in her style. Aryan will meet Kamal and he will threaten him to call the reporter who went against Bhaskar Times’ report. Aryan and Imlie will come face to face. He will tell her to apologise for her act but she will deny saying she will never do that. They both will challenge each other.

Will Imlie apologise?

What will Malini do now?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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