Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd July 2021 Written Update: Ishani’s words scare Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on
Ishq Mein Marjawan Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vyom telling Riddhima that he’s celebrating his daughter’s, Pihu’s birthday. He falls down. Riddhima helps Vyom to get up. Riddhima says that he drunk lot and tells him to go and rest. Riddhima notices that his cheek burnt due to the candle and wants to bring the first aid box. Vyom says that he’s very dangerous and Riddhima shouldn’t feel pity over him. Riddhima says that she’s not scared of him. He says that she’s scared so she hasn’t tell Vansh his truth. She feels pity on him so that she didn’t tell Vansh about his truth. She tells him to not underestimate Vansh. Vansh knows everything. She leaves telling to rest.

Vansh wakes up from the sleep. He goes to the estate and starts digging the land. He takes out a watch, a wallet and a stained kerchief. Vansh says that a man can win against the whole world, but he gets defeated by the death. Vansh goes to meet someone. He says that he knows that he wanted to be free, but he can’t free him because the outside world isn’t ready to welcome him. He says that he brought his favorite ice-cream flavor.

Meanwhile Riddhima wakes up from the sleep to drink water. She notices that Vansh isn’t in the room and goes to find him. Vansh hears a sound and goes out. He finds Riddhima and asks what she’s doing here. Riddhima says that she was searching him. She asks what he’s doing here. Vansh says that he’s not a kid to get lost. He says that he was in the bathroom. Riddhima denies. Vansh says that she did not check properly. Vansh leaves.

The morning Riddhima finds a letter in the corridor. In the letter it is written that he knows where Vansh and meet him to know this. Riddhima finds coins on the floor. She follows the coins and reach the backyard. She says that she has came here already. Riddhima wonders who has called here. Vyom comes there shocking Riddhima. The latter asks why he called her here like that. Vyom says that there’s a room behind the wall and Vansh comes here daily hiding to meet someone. Riddhima asks whom Vansh meets. Vyom refuses to tell. Riddhima says that she does not trust him anymore. She already made a mistake by joining hands with him. Riddhima says that she knows he is trying to provoke her against Vansh, but it won’t happen. She aid him thinking that that he will not try to separate them. But he will never mend his ways. Vyom says that he’s trying to return her favor by helping her. He says that Vyom captivated someone in that room for many years. Riddhima refuses to believe him. Vyom shows a video recording in which Vansh tells that he can’t free him. Riddhima asks what he wants to prove her. Vyom repeats that she has done lot of favor on him and he can’t live with this, so he wants to return it. He tells her to call him to find any secret. Riddhima says that she does not want his favor and tells him to leave.

Riddhima tries to go inside the room. Ishani comes there and questions Riddhima. The latter that she does not have rights to question her. Ishani says that this is Vansh private room and no one has permission to go in. Ishani blames Riddhima for the difference between her and Vansh. She warns Riddhima to not go inside that room. Riddhima says that she’s Vansh’s wife and has full rights to know what is inside the room. Ishani says that it’s not good for her and her marriage life to know what is inside that room. She adds that Riddhima won’t be able to handle this and leaves. Riddhima recalls Vansh video recording and tries to open the door. But she couldn’t, so she leaves.

Riddhima is worried recalling Vyom and Ishani’s words. Vansh comes calling out Riddhima. The latter gets scared. Vansh says that she is wearing outside footwear and asks where she has gone. Riddhima says that she went to the corridor talking over the phone. He asks to whom she was talking. Riddhima says that she was talking to someone very close, whom she loves which angers Vansh. Riddhima shows their baby’s scan in her phone and says that he’s her new love. She starts talking to her baby. She says that Vansh is still mad at her, but she will convince him. Riddhima tells Vansh that she answered his questions and asks where he was last night.

The episode ends.

Precap: Vansh tells Riddhima to kiss him. Riddhima tells him to drink the water first. He refuses. Riddhima drinks Tha water. Vansh breaks the glass. He says that how the glass can dare to touch her lips before him. Riddhima tells Vansh to kiss her first. Vansh goes to close to Riddhima.

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