Jhanak 7th December 2023 Written Update: Anirudh feels worried for Jhanak


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The episode starts with police checking car and tells Anirudh to ask Jhanak to show her face as she has taken veil. However he congratulates them and tells them to enjoy. Jhanak feel relaxed once they leave and Anirudh says they are still not out of danger. Jhanak tells him to leave her alone so that atleast he remains out of this. Anirudh tells her not to worry about him. Tejas comes to sarpanch and questions about where Jhanak is. He angrily tells sarpanch that he was supposed to marry Jhanak. Tejas’ men question about where Rahul is. All the villagers badmouth Jhanak and says they have no idea about where she is.

Tejas tells that he knows well about what Jhanak is but he will destroy whole village if he finds out later that they faked a story to him. Villagers feel relieved once Tejas and his gang leaves. Arshi calls Anirudh and questions why he was not receiving her call. Anirudh tries to make excuse about network . Arshi questions him about Laxman going to meet him on houseboat so Anirudh lies that he had gone outside to look around. Arshi asks if he is safe and Anirudh tells that he will be coming home next day.

Anirudh thinks of telling Arshi about his forced marriage with Jhanak but she says him to focus on driving. She doesn’t let him tell anything and says she knows that Urvashi is no more and Jhanak got married to Tejas. Arshi says she will inform family about his return as everyone was being worried. Bharat’s family talk about how Jhanak has gone missing. Laxman says about Anirudh not being on houseboat when be went to meet him. Bharat worries about Jhanak coming to seek their help and as a result they will get threatened by Tejas.

Jhanak tells Anirudh he will be free once they reach Jammu. Anirudh questions her where will she stay in Jammu. Jhanak says that she has never been there so she doesn’t know it but will manage. Anirudh plays music on car to lift Jhanak’s mood. Suddenly she starts coughing and Anirudh offers her water. Anirudh and Jhanak reach Jammu railway station. Jhanak tells Anirudh that now he is free and asks him to board his train. She thanks him for his help and says she will go to police station to find some shelter home to spend few days.

Anirudh worries about Jhanak’s livelihood and offers her some money. Jhanak denies taking it from him and says he has already done lots of favor on him . She says she doesn’t know to repay him as she is not sure if they will even meet in future after separating from there. Jhanak denies taking Anirudh’s financial help. Anirudh tells her to take care of herself and keep informing him about her whereabouts. He encourages Jhanak not to leave her studies. Jhanak tells she wants to look for her father who left them and questions him to remove the stain from her mother’s character. The episode ends with Anirudh boarding the train bidding goodbye to Jhanak by shaking hands with her.


Jhanak and Anirudh will wish each other all the best. Anirudh will get letter and gets shocked to read it’s content. He will look around for Jhanak.