Junooniyatt 20th March 2023 Written Update: Ilahi faces a tough situation


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The episode starts with Ilahi attending the pooja with Biji. Ranjit notices Jahan and inquires him who is there? Jahan runs from there and falls on the floor. Shika’s bag tag was stuck in his hand. He escapes from there before getting caught. Ranjit shares with his friends that he is a thief. He ran from there. Ilahi prays to god and leaves. Jahan notices the bag tag in his hand. He doubts who Shika is? Meanwhile, Shika shouts for help. Ilahi tries to break the lock. She stops seeing Biji.

Biji says to her that she is able to understand that her father was in an intoxicated state. She will do her Kanyadan. Ilahi asks her to allow her to meet him once. Biji says that today is her mehandi. She shouldn’t take stress. She asks Gunni to take her from there. Later, Jordan asks the detective what he is doing. There were 3 hours left, though he did not find anything about him. He asks him to give them extra time to find them. Jordan says that he doesn’t have enough time.

Ilahi thought about how she would wake Amardeep. She has to do something. Jordan’s friend informs him that Mehandi is going on here. He feels guilty about not being able to do anything. He overheard his grandparents’ conversation about mehandi. He inquires them what they are discussing. She shares with him that the groom’s family will send mehandi to the bride. He thinks that he has got a way to meet her. Meanwhile, Jahan disguises as a Singh and sneaks into Ilahi’s house.

Dharmendar meets him but fails to recognise him. He prays god to help him meet her once. She shouldn’t give up her dream like that. Jordan enters the house in disguise. Happy meets him. He lies to him that Ranjit’s family sent him here to give Mehandi. Later, Husna pleads with Biji to listen to her. Ilahi is her best friend. She doesn’t know when she will get another chance to meet her. Biji allows her to meet her with a condition. She shouldn’t do anything against them. She assured her.

Husna hugs Ilahi. She pleads with Husna to do something to wake her father. Ilahi reveals to her that Ranjit tried to molest her. Husna asks her. Why didn’t she inform Biji about it? She says that she informed her. But she didn’t give heed to her words. Husna says to her that she will do something. Ilahi says to her that she is helpless. Husna says that she was playing with her life. Ginni asks Biji, Why did she allow this girl to go inside? Biji assures her that she won’t do anything.

Ginni asks Husna to dance. She says that it’s her best friend’s wedding. She will dance for her. She dances there. Ranjit’s family arrives there. Ilahi feels nervous after seeing him. Husna makes her dance with Ranjit. She feels uncomfortable when he touches her. Jahan and Jordan fists their hands in anger. Ilahi asks Husna what she is doing? She says that Ilahi is going to marry Ranjit, then why is she hesitating to dance with him? She advises her to elope from mandap. Shabnam gives Shagun mehandi to Ilahi and appreciates her beauty. Jordan and Jahan go in different directions. Jordan exchanged Mehandi. He gave a note to a girl. He asks her to take Ilahi alone, lying to her that Biji is calling her. Ilahi wishes to bring Ranjit’s truth out.

Episode end

Precap; Ranjit will confess the truth to Ilahi that he tried to molest her on Holi. But she hasn’t revealed it to anyone. Ilahi will inform him that she will expose him in front of everyone. Ranjit will ask her if she has any proof against him? He will notice the voice recorder was on her phone.

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