Kaamnaa Upcoming Story: Sakshi will stand against Akanksha.


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Sony TV’s popular show “Kaamna” currently deals with changing dynamics between Sakshi, Manav and Yadhu and Niharika’s return. Earlier its seen that Niharika pretended to be in love with Manav infuriating Vaibhav. Now it will be seen that Akanksha and Sakshi will challenge each other.

Previously we have seen that, Akanksha asked for another Chace from Manav but Manav removed his hand saying that there’s not even slight possibility for it as she betrayed him. Akanksha tried convincing him saying that age has realised her mistake but Manav paid no heed and left saying that he wouldn’t get back with her no matter what.

Sakshi sadly shared with Malti that her presence in Manav’s life is so insignificant compared to Niharika and Akanksha. Niharika recalled convincing Manav to act like they were in love to make Vaibhav jealous. Akanksha shared with Swati that Manav still had feelings for her but Swati told that Yadhu would never let her anywhere near Manav as he hate her with whole heart.

Akanksha blames Sakshi for it. Sakshi comforted a distraught Manav who was angry at himself for showing concern to Akanksha. Sakshi asked him to decide what he want without thinking about each other but also gave a piece of advice that Akanksha back in his life would be an injustice for both him and Yadhu.

Niharika called Manavyto ask about his well being. Even after Manav cut the call Niharika continued to pretend to speak with as she spotted Vaibhav eavesdropping her conversation. Holkar also heard it and got happy.

Vaibhav fumed as he feared that Manav would snatch Niharika from him and called Akanksha. He brainwashed her to believe that Manav really loves her even now and asked her to try with all her might to get back with him.

Akanksha left agreeing to do the same. Vaibhav got happy as Akanksha won’t back off so easily from something when she was fixed on it.

In the future episodes we will witness, Yadhu will introduce Sakshi to Akanksha as his new mother. Akanksha will challenge Sakshi that she will enter into the house and Manav’s and Yadhu’s life back. Sakshi will also challenge her that she will never let her trouble Manav or Yadhu again.

Will Akanksha get back with Manav? Will Manav realizes his love for Sakshi? Will Vaibhav manipulate Niharika?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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