Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th August 2022 Written Update: Charudatt turns down Gungun’s request


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The episode starts with Golu asking Anubhav why Gungun fainted. Anubhav says that it’s normal to faint due to stress. Yug asks Anubhav how he can be stoned heart and asks to have pity seeing her condition. Anubhav says that he only said the fact. Gungun gains his consciousness. Chandru asks Gungun why she fainted, if she didn’t have food. Golu says to Gungun that he talked to Charudatt and he won’t ask her to resign her job.

Gungun sats that no one likes her doing job. She goes downstairs and tells to Charudatt that she will resign her job. Golu asks to not take any decision in anger. Gungun says that it’s not any decision, but a solution for the process problem. Charudatt asks if she’s taking this decision coming under the pressure. Gungun says that she takes this decision wholeheartedly. She says that hereafter she will do whatever they want and requests them to not say that she has changed. She says that hereafter she will be a puppet who will dnace according to their tune.

Armaan comes to the Chairman. They discuss about Gungun. Armaan asks if he got Gungun’s passport. He says that he got it from her by giving an excuse as she wouldn’t have given it if he had mentioned above America. Just then Gungun arrives there. Armaan says to Gungun that she should come with him to US for her treatment. Gungun thinks of not giving her resignation letter in front of Armaan else she won’t have any excuse to reject his offer. Gungun says that she has lot of work in the office so it will be better if she follows her treatment here.

Armaan says that he talked about it with the chairman and he agreed. He says to Gungun that she will get better treatment in America. Gungun says that her family won’t like this. Armaan asks if she will risk her life for her family who even didn’t attend the party for her happiness. He asks why she cares for them when they don’t care about her. He further says that he has come to India to take her US and asks to choose between risking her life and coming with him to America.

Gungun requests Charudatt to permit her to go to US for her treatment. Golu asks what treatment. Gungun says to treat the illness that was diagnosed in her blood test. Sunanda asks how she will be alone. Gungun says that she’s not going alone, but with Armaan. Anubhav says that Gungun leaves the job so that she can go to US with Armaan to have fun. Gungun shouts enough and says that she can’t believe his thought can be so cheap.

Anubhav says that he understood that there’s no only friendship between Gungun and Armaan after seeing them together in the party. He asks to divorce him before going to US which shocks Gungun. Anubhav and Charudatt bad mouth Gungun and Armaan’s intention towards Gungunand accuse Gungun of provoking Gungun. Gungun defends Armaan and argues with Anubhav. Charudatt firmly says that Gungun can’t go to US with Armaan if she wants to go, she should divorce Anubhav.

Gungun says that she resigned her job so that she doesn’t lose them, but they don’t want her to go to America and die. Anubhav asks what is her illness which can’t be treated here. Gungun asks he finally asked her. Anubhav says that she told Armaan first about her illness. Gungun says that she didn’t tell him, he himself found it making effort. She wishes that Anubhav had put efforts like Armaan. They argue. Golu asks stop their fight and asks Gungun what happened to her. Gungun says that she has brain tumor and she needs to operated. She says that she wanted to tell Anubhav after saving money for her treatment.

Charudatt gets upset that Gungun asked help from a stranger, but not her family. Gungun says that Armaan and the chairman decided to sponsor her treatment and she got to know this that day. However family says that Gungun should get her treatment done in India. Gungun tells family how supportive Armaan is and how he arranged everything that needed for her treatment. She asks what their problem. They all leave silently.

Armaan tells Gungun that she got visa for US. He finds her sad and asks what happened. He asks if she talked to her family. She says that she knows that they will refuse her, but she didn’t think that they will give this reason. Armaan asks what reason. Gungun refuses to tell him.

The episode ends.

Precap Anubhav argues with Gungun. He bad mouths Gungun. He says that Gungun wants to go to US to enjoy with Armaan. Gungun slaps Anubhav shocking all.

The episode starts with Anubhav, Golu, Yug and Nithi on the way for Gungun’s party venue. Golu and Nithi are surprised that Anubhav agreed to attend Gungun’s party. Anubhav says that he agreed for the journalist Gungun and not his wife Gungun with whom he is angry. He says that Gungun said that she’s working to prove herself worth and her dad’s upbringing right. He also used to taunt her for not having any goal in her life, but she proved all including him wrong and she deserves to be appreciated. Golu says that he’s glad to see him appreciating Gungun. Anubhav claries that he was praising journalist Gungun.

Anubhav gang reach the party venue. The chairman says that there’s a special guest among them whom no one expected. Anubhav gang thinks that he was talking about Anubhav. The chairman says let’s welcome him. Armaan closes Gungun’s eyes. Gungun thinks it’s Anubhav. She gets surprised to see Armaan. The chairman says that Armaan organized this party for her. Gungun says that this is her life’s best surprise. She hugs. Anubhav and his gang look on unhappy to see this. Gungun and Armaan cut the cake and feed to each other. Golu says that they’re friends and they’re meeting after two years.

The chairman insists Gungun to dance. Armaan says that it’s their office tradition to dance. Gungun hesitates. So Armaan decides to dance with Gungun. Gungun holds Armaan’s hand. He brings her in the middle. They dance on the song Gerura. Armaan lifts Gungun at the end of

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