Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th January 2022 Written Update: Anubhav complaints to Ridhesh about Gungun


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The episode starts with Gungun and Anubhav fighting. Gungun cries and asks Golu, Needi and Yug to see how Anu is being rude with her. Gungun says that she will complaint to her dad about Anu and leaves Anu scolds Gungun. The latter comes back and says that they told they will scold him, but he made her cry. Gungun gets downstairs and leaves.

Goli sees Gungun leaving crying and says that Anu must have scolded her. In the car, Gungun decides to not waste her birthday thinking about Anu. She calls Sarah and asks about her dress she has designed for her 21st birthday. Sarah says that she has designed a best dess for her. Later Gungun tries the dress and accessories. Ridhesh comes there.

Gungun asks him how her dress looks. Ridhesh says that it’s very nice. He asks if she went to Kulshreshths house, how it was. Gungun says that it was as she expected, but she invited Chavi, it’s up to her if she will come or not. Ridhesh asks what her family told. Gungun says that they agreed to send her. Ridhesh gets happy and leaves.

Sunanda and Sargam reprimand Anu for scolding Gungun. Anu blames Golu saying he made Gungun sleep in his room and she shouted at him. Golu says that it’s because he pulled her blanket and disturbed her sleep. Sargam asks if this is the way to behave with guests, if they have given him this value. Anu says that they have given him good values, but Gungun doesn’t even know how to behave in public places. Sargam says that even Gungun told about this, he threatened to slap her.

Anu says that he isn’t in school to complaint about him. Sargam asks him to not divert the subject. Anu admits his act and says that Gungun hold his color in public. Sargam says that she didn’t hold it tightly that’s his shirt button didn’t break. Golu jokes. Ridhesh comes at Anubhav’s house and hears Anu saying that Ridhesh spoiled Gungun with his affection. Golu says that Ridhesh has come. Bade papa welcomes Ridhesh by saying a poem.

Sunanda greets Ridhesh. Bade papa requests Ridhesh to have lunch with them and asks Sunanda what she has prepared. Sunanda says that she prepared tehri. Bade papa asks if she will feed our guest this. Ridhesh says that his mother used to do it and he likes it. Chandru arrives there singing. Golu stops him by putting a sweet in his mouth. Ridhesh asks Anu to sit, but Anu says that he is fine like this. Golu lies that he wasn’t well, but now he’s fine. Ridhesh invites Ann’s whole family to Gungun’s birthday party. Anu’s family agrees to come and they all praise Gungun.

Anu asks how many time she celebrate her birthday in a year, she has a party today as well. Ridhesh says that she wanted to celebrate tonight her birthday with her friends and he agreed. Anu asks Ridhesh if he will agree to all her demand. Bade papa says that Ridhesh is blessed to have a daughter and he should fulfill her wish. Sunanda asks Anu why he’s always behind Gungun. Anu says to Ridhesh that one should be strict with children else they get spoiled with love.

Ridhesh says that Anu is right and he knows that they have come across in the café and asks what happened exactly. Anu complaints to Ridhesh about Gungun and tells what happened. He says that day he was ashamed that he knows that girl. Sunanda says to Anu that Gungun was brought up by her aunt. She then says that she understood that he loves Gungun, so he can’t scold her. Sargam says that Chavi and Kush’s bothers never scold them. Sargam, Divya praise Gungun and says that she must have acted like this due to bad company. Anu says that in this case Gungun should be careful while making friends. Sargam asks Anu to stop and says to Ridhesh everything will be fine.

Chandru says to Ridhesh being girls father he can understand him. Ridhesh thanks him. Sunanda says that Gungun needs a family. Saragam says to send Gungun here whenever she wants. Ridhesh says that he also wants Gungun learn values on seeing their family. Golu asks Ridhesh to see a date to bring Gungun. All look surprised.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anu and Golu arrive at Gungun’s birthday party to pick up Chavi. Gungun refuses to send Chavi before cake cutting. Gungun and Anu argue. Gungun says that Anu spoiled her birthday party. Needi asks Anu to apologize to Gungun. Anu phones Gungun and says sorry.

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