Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 29th July 2022 Written Update: Akriti makes a shocking demand to the Kulshreshths


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The episode starts with Anubhav asking Radha and Bina why they lock him up in the house whenever they go out. Bina says that because he goes missing if he goes out. Vina asks if he likes to be with her. Anubhav says that he doesn’t like as he left her alone. Radha says that Bina can always be with Anubhav if he gets married. She further says that they have decided to get them married next day. She says that he will fill her hairline and will make her wear mangalsutra. Anubhav gets flashes of his past and starts having headache.

At the Kulshreshths Sargam and Chandru tell Golu to invite Gungun for the puja they organize for Anubhav. Golu says that they don’t need to invite Gungun since she forgot Anubhav and is happy in her new life which surprises family members. Golu says that he failed to understand Gungun, Charudatt and Akriti were right, she did everything only for fame. He requests them to not tell this to anyone in the family as Gungun still remains a good girl who helped them.

Charudatt and Sunanada discuss about thei financial difficulties they have facing after Anubhav’s death. Sunanda suggests taking the money that’s available on Anubhav’s name in the bank. But Charudatt refuses. Just then Niti says that Akriti has come. Charudatt and Sunanada get happy that their house’s Lakshmi returned home. They want to welcome her by performing aarti.

Sargam comes with aarti plate to welcome her
Akriti throws the aarti plate shocking all. Sargam questions reason for her behavior. Akriti says that she hasn’t returned to stay in the house where she got insulted. Charudatt asks then why she has come. Akriti says that she has come to claim her share in the property which stuns all. Charudatt refuses to give her any share instead asks her to come and stay in the house. Akriti says that they can’t stop her from claiming her rights and gives Charudatt legal papers. Charudatt realizes why Anubhav was unhappy with her and regrets supporting her against Anubhav after seeing her true colors. Akriti says to get rid of her by giving her share. Chandru tries to talk to Akriti, but the latter taunts him. Golu warns Akriti for misbehaving with family’s elders. Akriti says that this is his family and not hers. She says to give her either her share in the property or equal amount of money else she will bring police with her when she will come back.

Gungun and Bani about Madhav. Gungun wishes to meet Madhav as she has to mention about him too in Bina’s story. Bina opens the lock. Gungun asks if Madhav has gone out Bina denies and says that he forgets the address if he goes out, so they lock him up while going out. Bani goes in along with Gungun and finds Radha sleeping on the bed in the place of Anubhav. Bina asks Radha about Madhav. Radha says that he went out. Gungun asks Bina why they didn’t take him to the hospital yet. Bina says that they’re currently busy in wedding arrangements and moreover she thinks that he is getting well. He helped her in study by solving a question. She says that he is well educated. Gungun asks to take him to the hospital after their wedding. Bina apologizes that Gungun couldn’t meet Madhav. Gungun says that it’s fine and takes her leave.

Gungun and Armaan are on the way in the car. They discuss about Bina locking up Madhav in the house and how bad he may feel with it. Armaan says that they don’t have time to think about all as they have other problems to handle. Gungun says that they’re happy with the little they have whereas they complaint despite of having everything. She thanks Armaan for sending her to the fishermen locality as she saw a new world there and learned new things. Armaan asks her to give him party for that. She offers to take him for a dinner. She says that she stopped partying as Anubhav thinks it’s a time waste. Armaan says that partying after doing something good isn’t a time waste. He says that her everything talk ends in Anubhav. Gungun says that it’s because Anubhav is her life. Armaan asks if anyone else can take Anubhav’s place in her heart. Gungun says that there’s only Anubhav in her heart, so there’s no place for anyone else in her heart. Gungun tells about Bina’s wedding and Gungun and Armaan decide to get a gift for her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Chandru says to Akriti that they will give her money in exchange of her share in the property. Akriti demands to give her money that day itself or she will bring advocate the next day and will sell her share in the property to get money shocking all.

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