Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Episode Starts With Nishi Saying Its Over, I’ve Pressed The Program Button, Naren Is Dead. Sonakshi Is Shocked. Some Time Back, Nishi Sees Rohit Taking Someone. Pooja Requires Thandai For Her. Nishi Says Get Lost. She Appears Around And Says If Rohit Is Trying To Conquer MeThen I Won’t Let This Happen.

Rohit Requires Naren On Skates, And Calls Sonakshi. He claims I M Taking Dad Into Hospital, And I Will Begin His Pacemaker Replacement Surgery, Stay Here, Don’t Let Nishi Go To His Room. Sonakshi Says Okay. Nishi Asks The Person Did The Phone Get Repaired. The Man Says It’s Going to Take Two Hours More. She Asks Him To Hurry Up. Yash And Pooja Come And Ask Her To Have Thandai. Nishi Refuses And Asks Them To Stop It. He Catches Nishi.

Pooja stinks Thandai To Nishi. She Thinks She’s Drunk Bhaang. Nishi Asks What is This Kiddishness. She Gets Dizzy. Yash Asks Are You Enjoying, Are You Seeing The Stars, Where Are You Going. Nishi Says Washroom.

Yash Laughs And Functions. Pooja Says I Hope Mother Is Affected By This Bhaang Until Rohit’s Work Is Completed. Rohit Asks Naren Not To Stress, Until He Gets Conscious, Everything Will Be Fine. He frees Anesthesia To Naren. Naren Falls Asleep. Rohit Operates Him.

Veena Asks Ajit To Go And Get Naren. Ajit Says Dad Is Sleeping. Veena Asks Is He Okay, I Want to See. He claims Let Him Sleep. She Sees The Pillows. She Asks Who’s Naren. Nishi Comes To Rohit’s Room And Shouts. She Throws Things. Yash And Pooja Come. Yash Asks What Happens, Rohit Could Be With Everyone. She Pushes Pooja. She claims Why Am I See Everything Double. Yash Says Its Bhaang After Effects.

Nishi Says Do Something, My Head Is Spinning. Pooja Asks Yash For Medicines. Yash Goes. Pooja Whistles. Sonakshi Comes. Nishi Asks What Are You Doing Here, Pooja What’s She Doing Here. Pooja Says She’s Not Here, What Happens. Nishi Says She’s Here. Sonakshi Says Your Game Is Over Today, You’ll Be In Jail. Nishi Says Shut Up, What Are You Doing Here. Pooja Says Relax, She’s Not Here. Nishi Says She’s Here, I Will Show You Who Ends The Game. She Goes.

Sonakshi Signs Pooja To Go. Nishi Goes To Her Space, Stumbling. The Man Says Your Phone Got Fine, You Can Now Use It. Nishi Kisses The Phone. Pooja Goes To Take It. Nishi Says I Won’t Give It To Anyone. She Catches Sonakshi And Says You Believe I M Affected By BhaangYou Are My Way’s Largest Thorn, Now I Will Throw This Thorn Away. She Shows The Program. Sonakshi Shouts No, Stop.

Nishi Switches Off The Pacemaker In Program. She claims Its Over, I’ve Pressed The Program Button, Naren Is Dead. She claims Now What’s In My ControlYou Thought You Will Find All The Truth Out. Sonakshi Says Truth Will Come Out, Your Truth Will Come , You Just See. Nishi Catches Her Neck. She Asks Who Can Say,

The Person Who Knew Everything Is Dead, And I Will Send You To Him, See How I’ve Become The Owner Of Sippy Property, I Can Do Everything, You Know The Way You Allergic To Naren And Asked Him To Divide Property , He Agreed, Watch How I Snatched My Right, I Would Not Let It Happen And Threw Him Away, You’re Oversmart And Caught Me, I Proved You Wrong, In Front Of Everyone, I Made Fake Prenup And You Had To Leave From Here, Rohit Got The Proof From Inspector, I Blackmailed Him, He Called You Characterless And Threw You Out, None Can Do Anything, I Killed Naren and I’ll Kill You Also, Fantastic Bye Sonakshi. Veena Comes And Stops Nishi. She Slaps Nishi. Nishi Sees Entire Family Staring At Her.

Sukhmani Asks What Can You Do Nishi, I M Ashamed To Call You My Daughter. Yash Asks Di You Kill Naren. Nishi Says Yes, He Didn’t Die After Falling Away From Far Height So I Ended His Story Today. Sonakshi And Veena Slap Her.

Veena Scolds Nishi. She Says You Might Have Asked Naren, He Would Have Given You Everything Thankfully, Why Did You Kill Him. Everyone Cries. Rohit Comes And Holds Veena’s Hand. He claims Papa Is Fine. Veena Asks What, Where’s He. He Says He’s In Hospital, I Took Him To The Surgery, I Changed His Pacemaker, Nishi Can’t Harm Him Today, He’s In Post-Op Care. He Asks Inspector To Arrest Her. He claims Sona Got To Know Your Truth First And Saved This House From You. Nishi claims I Will Kill Her. Veena Says Touch My Daughter And View,

I Will Break Your Hand. Suman Comes. She Makes Nishi Fall . She Says You’re Flying A Lot, See How We Can Make You Fall Over Your Face. Nishi Gets Angry. She’s Taken Away. Pooja Consoles Yash. Veena Apologizes To Sonakshi. Sonakshi claims Mum Doesn’t Apologize To Children And Shows All, Its Not Your Mistake, Nishi Filled Hatred And Disbelief In Everybody’s Head For Me, Forget The Bad Times.

Veena Says Just You Can Say This, I Made A Big Mistake, I Must Have Stood By Now And Respected You, What Can I DoI Separated You Out Of My Son, Will You Give Me A Chance, Please. Pari Asks Suman Is She Crying. Suman claims I Crying Happily.

Rohit Requires Holi Colours And Inform Each Other I Love You. Veena And Sonakshi Say I Love You And Employ Holi Colours To Rohit. He Says I Love You Both, Happy Holi. After Few Days, Veena Welcomes Rohit, Sonakshi, Akash And Deepa.

Naren Says Welcome Home As Our Daughter This Moment. Rohit And Sonakshi Sign On The Papers. They Get Married Again. The Man Says I Will Get Your Marriage Registered In The Court. Sumit And Netra Come. Sumit Asks Netra To Take Rohit In Lead Role. Netra Says Our New Show Is Approved, Main Lead Actress Is Sonakshi, My Tulsi, Channel Wants You, I M , I Had Become Selfish, I Had To Save Your Display, Today Everything Got Fine, Say Yes . Naren Says You Are Not Agreeing Due To Me, I M , You Changed My Thinking, I Have No Problem With Your Profession, I M With You.

Veena Says I Will Watch This Serial Being Proud, Sonakshi Will Be Your Tulsi. Rohit Says Wait, Parvati And Tulsi Can’t Come Between RonakshiWe Are One Now, Its Just Jahaan Tum Wahan Hum Now. They Smile. He Lifts Her In Arms. Everybody Smiles And Bids Bye.

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