kahaan hum kahaan tum Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
kahaan hum kahaan tum Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in


The episode begins with the nurse making Sonakshi sit car to take her to the camp.
Suman cries hugging Sumit and informs him that they took Sonakshi away. Rohit overhears that.
Sometime past Rohit is shown looking at an envelope . Tulsi asks him to open it and check. He asks her to read it. She reads but remains silent. Rohit asks her what is written there. Tulsi informs him that the report is favorable and there is supervirus in Sonakshi’s blood. Rohit gets devastated hearing that.
Sonakshi reads her report also. “Jag soona soona” plays. Rohit cries desperately.

Suman reads the report and won’t believe that Sonakshi has something. Sumit is going to comfort her but she says that she does not need anybody’s compassion and leaves saying that she wants to save her daughter.
In hospital physician says that those who have been affected with virus has to be taken from Mumbai at a camp to prevent additional spread of this virus. Nurse arrives to take Sonakshi too. She forgets her cellphone there.

Suman comes and says she will not let her daughter move in the camp to die but she will get her treated. Sumit tries making her know that there’s no cure for the virus yet but Suman asks him to do something about it instead. Sonakshi claims that nobody can do anything about it. Sumit asks the nurse half an hour and leaves. Doctor requests Suman and Sonakshi to collaborate since buses are full and about to depart but Suman refuses.

Sumit informs Rohit about Sonakshi being taken to the camp and asks him to stop her because infection will just gain in the camp. Rohit is shocked.

On the other hand Suman is removed from Sonakshi.
Rohit asks Sumit to hurry up while driving and tries calling the hospital.
Sonakshi sits in the car. Suman has been secured by nurses in a room and yells asking them to open the door but it’s too late because Sonakshi is taken away.
Nishi gets happy hearing that Sonakshi has been takento the camp. She looks at the true report of Sonakshi that was negative and smirks.

Sumit and Rohit hit the hospital and a nurse informs them that all patients are taken to the camp. Suman comes and Sumit asks her what happened. She yells hugging him and informs him that they also Sonakshi away.
Rohit asks the accountable for which bus Sonakshi was he answers that he doesn’t understand that he must go to the camp to assess where the individual is.

Nishi claims that Suman has a simple flu but now she’ll get affected by the virus remaining among infected individuals and Rohit won’t have the ability to save her.
Rohit is revealed tensed while Sonakshi cries.

On the other hand Veena cries facing Naren requesting him to acquire nice soon since both Rohit and Rohan’s unions are becoming broken. Nishi looks at them in the doorway. Naren moves his hand. Nishi recalls nurse telling her that Naren had come for follow up and fulfilled Sonakshi as well. Ajit comes and inquires Nishi why she’s standing outside. Hearing her name, Naren stops moving his hand. Nishi claims to Ajit that she was going to go inside but stopped seeing Veena speaking to Naren. Veena asks her to come inside.

Ajit proceeds to hug Naren and asks him to remain careful with Nishi who’s very dangerous. Nishi says that she’s there to talk about Rohit’s marriage. Veena states that perhaps with his remarriage they’ll obtain their happiness back.
Nishi asks Veena to make chai for her because she’s feeling headache. She asks Ajit to visit the hospital for an important meeting also. Veena and Ajit leave.

Nishi and Naren are left alone. Nishi sits facing him and congratulates with him because she heard he held Sonakshi’s hand. She asks him if he’s fine. He does not move so Nishi threatens to strike his hand with a knife and he shouldn’t response. She says that suddenly he’s getting motivated seeing Sonakshi but she’s sent her into the camp with supervirus infected patients although she was fine and he won’t get his motivation also. She makes cuts Naren’s fingers which begin bleeding and then leaves wondering if the nurse gave her incorrect info.
On the other hand Suman calls Pari and asks her to remain at home. Rohit and Sumit return and tell her that Sonakshi has not attained the camp yet.

Ajit comes back to Naren’s room and asks him how he got hurt and when Nishi did something. He asks Naren to attempt writing. Naren recalls Nishi’s words and writes an S. Ajit supposes it is about Sonakshi and asks Naren to write more. Naren writes a D and Ajit supposes that it’s d for danger that means that Sonakshi is at risk.
Suman wonders where Sonakshi is and when she’s fine. Rohit looks on.