Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd April 2024 Written Update: Ishika’s lawyer ruins Amruta’s plan

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd April 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Amruta thinking Virat is wierd as he says one thing and does other thing.

Bhavani talks with Dnyaneswari over the phone. Amruta asks Bhavani if she hasn’t told about Ishika and Jayesh’s marriage to Dnyaneswari. Bhavani says she will not tell her as she doesn’t want to hurt her.

Amruta asks Bhavani if she is sad. Bhavani says she will not lie and says she is sad as Jayesh is marrying someone before breaking up his marriage with her. Bhavani says says she doesn’t want to be with a person like Jayesh. Jahan asks Bhavani not to change her mind. Bhavani says to Amruta & Jahan that they are the ones who made her realise that she has a value and she can move forward in her life without Jayesh. Bhavani says she wants to try moving forward in her life. Amruta says to Bhavani that she is proud of her. Amruta later says to Bhavani that she contacted the lawyer and says Jayesh needs to agree to the divorce condition. Amruta says Jayesh needs to pay for disrespecting her all his life. Jahan agrees with Amruta. Amruta asks Bhavani to go and says she will change. Bhavani agrees and leaves from there with Jahan.

Virat sees Amruta is not on the terrace and thinks Amruta has gone to play Holi. Virat speaks to himself about Amruta always scolding him. Amruta spots Virat scolding her. Virat accidentally overturns a plate full of coulours in Amruta’s hand. Virat and Amruta stare at each other. Virat later asks Amruta that she told him that she will only wear colour of peace. Amruta says to Virat that she will wear what ever she wants and comments on Virat. Amruta asks Virat what is she doing here. Virat applies colour to Amruta. Amruta says to Virat that she wants to start afresh with him forgetting about what happened. Virat comments on it. Amruta comments on Virat as he doesn’t behave like matured person. Abhiraj comes and wishes happy Holi to Amruta. Abhiraj tries to apply colour to her but Amruta says she has some work and leaves from there.

Dildar tries to apply colour to Babita. Babita says he can apply colour after Jayesh and Ishika’s marriage. Dildar sees Bhavani and Jahan coming and tries to send them away but they don’t leave.

Babita sees Bhavani and Jahan coming. Babita calls all of the guests to do Jayesh and Ishika’s engagement. Amruta calls the lawyer to stop Jayesh and Ishika’s engagement. But Ishika’s lawyer comes and says to Amruta that Jayesh and Bhavani are divorced and shows the papers as proof that Amruta tore last time. Ishika lawyer says she is a criminal as she tore the papers with court stamp and says it is considered a crime.

Episode ends.

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